Fissure Treatment: Folk Cures for Skin Fissures

What is a Fissure?
A fissure is simply a groove or trough in some body part. There are plenty of natural and healthy fissures in the body from the brain to the bones. However, painful and dangerous skin fissures are also possible. These tears in the body's protective covering can be painful and permit pathogens like bacteria and viruses to more easily gain entrance to the body, potentially causing infection and greater health issues. Common fissures include anal fissures, heel fissures, and skin fissures wherever you experience severely dry, cracked skin.

Skin fissures, especially heel fissures, can also be a side effect of an uncontrolled diabetic condition. These can be especially concerning if coincidental with neuropathy in that area, since the diabetic may not even feel pain caused by the torn skin. Infection and secondary health issues are more likely in this sort of case.

Natural Remedies to Cure or Heal Chronic Fissures

Since fissures can indicate nutrient deficiencies, an improved diet and dietary supplements may help restore your skin health. Omega-3 fatty acids can improve skin moisture levels, preventing future skin fissures. Proper hydration is necessary for healthy skin, and exercise can improve the look and tone of skin as well. Using a natural skin lotion such as almond oil or coconut oil for fissure treatment can further hydrate and protect weak, dry, or broken skin.

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List of Remedies for Fissures