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Fibromyalgia and Astaxanthin

Art (California) on 06/10/2024
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EC doesn't currently have Astaxanthin (AST) on the list of potential Fibromyalgia remedies and based on this new study (July, 2024), I would like to add it to the list :

Here are some relevant quotes from the study :

' AST ameliorated mechanical and thermal pain in mice with fibromyalgia and mitigated sleep disorders and depressive-like symptoms induced by pain. '

'AST exhibits a significant anti-inflammatory effect, by inhibiting neuronal activation, glial cell activation, and the expression levels of inflammatory factors.'

'AST inhibited the formation of the NLRP3 on the central and peripheral regions.'

It is worth noting that astaxanthin has a very good safety profile as discussed here :

Here is a relevant quote from the review :

' We reviewed 87 human studies, none of which found safety concerns with natural AX supplementation, 35 with doses ≥12 mg/day. '

In a previous article I wrote using astaxanthin to increase endurance, I used 48 mg/day to good effect with no problem. I discussed that here:


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Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation for Fibromyalgia

Ruralady (Illinois) on 04/02/2024

I have FibroCOVID. I got my first attack approx 6 weeks after having my covid 19 infection. I was just getting out of bed like every morning when all the muscles in my lower back seized up and I went down to the floor. Luckily I was by my dresser and was able to pull myself up, get to the bathroom and get dressed. I went downstairs and told my husband for some reason I have a back spasm. I treated it like a back spasm for three days only for it to get worse. The pain traveled down my legs, up my back and into my neck. I had never had a back spasm do that b/f.

I had heard about fibromyalgia in my Physician Assistant training and this was resembling what I was going through. I looked up earthclinic and remedies for this and found "Borax and sea salt" in a glass of water. Made it and the pain literally went away. That was five years ago and since then my fibromyalgia has gotten much worse with time. I've spent most likely thousands of dollars on natural supplements only to find they work for awhile and then lose their punch, then the pain returns even worse. However recently I've found something that does take the pain away. It's called transcranial Direct Current Stimulation aka tDCS. I got mine on Amazon and I'll give a drives the brain. It costs me $117-118 but to me it's priceless, so far. By the fourth day of using it I woke up on Easter morning and all my fibro pain was gone. I haven't felt that in 5 years. This unit has appox 614 ratings with over 200 reviews. I identified with one of the reviews in that I had food sensitivities, brain fog, and anxiety...not to mention the weather sensitivities and anxiety.

I was always worried about a fibro attack where all my muscles seized up and down to the floor I go. The last attack I couldn't walk for 6 weeks and I lost a ton of hair that hasn't grown back due to MASSIVE inflammation from all the pain. I hope this continues to work as it has for others with fibromyalgia. The best montages for it are on another website called "Total" I hope this helps anyone and everyone with fibromyalgia, it's mean and nasty.

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What Helped With Fibromyalgia

Katrina (Fenton, Michigan) on 11/04/2023
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I was bedridden from 1999-2006 (7 yrs) w/Fibro. It was many types of excruciating pain-searing joint pain, burning, aching, weak muscles, horrific brain fog, depression, exhaustion, constipation, ligament-tendon hyper mobility and so much more. I slept over 20-23 hrs a day with unrefreshed sleep. I felt like a zombie. researched everything w/the little energy I had. I took RENEW LIFE PARAGONE DETOX for 2months, (KILLS parasites and Candida, rids body of toxins! I also stopped ALL WHEAT products-cakes cookies, wheat pastas, baked goods, sweet stuff, fried, fast, junk food (chips, ice cream and ESP. SODA (we call it pop in MI). I went off dairy 100% except for butter. Only ate organic chicken, turkey,, fish and a ton of green, leafy veggies.. I also take Vit D3-K2, Pre and probiotics, and multi-vit and the PAIN LEFT COMPLETELY. I cut out beef for 6months and added it in sparingly. I've been able to use coconut and olive oil, honey, stevia, monk fruit, and organic oat milk as subs for sugar. Eliminate ALL hydrogenized oils and NO high fructose corn syrup. GO ORGANIC.

Try: Stem cell therapy AFTER, NATTOKINASE, SERRAPEPTASE (if you have no heart valve replacements, mesh, stints, other implanted medical devices)., epsom salt & magnesium (NOT Citrate) potassium and calcium powder baths, oxalaye removal (lemon juice and alkaline water drink w/1/2 tsp. baking soda, walking, Intermittent fasting red light therapy, and massage by an unvaxxed person. Use protocols to help your body if you've been vaccinated and please look up “shedding”-shedding of SARS-COV virus from vaccines.

Please look up ADVERSE REACTIONS TO THE VACCINES!!! I use earth clinic for every ailment and try to stay off meds as much as possible!!

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Dietary Changes, Alkaline Water for Fibro

A Mercer (Fl) on 07/29/2022
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My friend got rid of fibromyalgia with Kangen water and diet changes of low to no sugar and stopped drinking sodas.
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Niacin in OJ for Fibromyalgia and Insomnia Relief

Root Lady (NOLA) on 07/03/2022
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Fibromyalgia pain and insomnia relief

Fibro help! Niacin has given me so much comfort over the past few years. Here’s the hint I learned. Take a scant amount of pure niacin power mixed in OJ (to mask the taste). Relief from myalgia and insomnia are marked and immediate. I use it most days and will increase the dose when I’m experiencing severe symptoms. If you’re suffering from chronic pain and insomnia please give niacin a try.

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Anne (Florida) on 09/16/2019
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I will say that I have mostly remedied my fibromyalgia (98%). It has taken 10 years since onset. I will say that if I really push it, for example a 10-hour long trip, then the symptoms can come back but good amount of sleep relieves that. First, background.: I got fibromyalgia with a history of autoimmune after doing low-dose chemo and oral corticosteroids to suppress my immune system. It seemed to me that the corticosteroids once I was off of them we’re holding back an inflammation that then attacked my adrenals. It was all downhill from there. I was also given 6 rounds of Cipro to counter my flu that I would get as I was working with children when taking that low dose chemo medicine. I had to take enzymes to heal the gastritis created by the steroids. I am still trying to repair bone loss as well (seems an algae based calcium is helping that).

Personally, I would start with getting on a D3 supplement (low d levels are common with fibro). If you can tolerate it I would go to the vegan route. Myself, I had to take a prescription chewable D3 tablet. I went all organic for a short time, and all symptoms abated, I felt wonderful. I would highly recommend somebody doing this and sticking with it and not caving in I did and going back to the non-organic. This alone, can be healing, as the adrenals heal best without toxins from what I’ve read.

What I did:

1. I removed all major food allergens per a friend of mine, removal of dairy reduced my pain amazingly, removal of gluten seem to help somewhat, corn, peanuts, soy, and sugar (wow what a difference being off of it even I was doing sweetened soy milk and felt so much better on unsweetened almond milk). I wish I had listened to her sooner.

2. I got off of all grain per a chiropractor (I did a modified GAPs protocol as I’m vegetarian and GAPs is no grains or legumes). I would say that in three weeks, my fibro fog began to abate a good deal and within three months I was able to carry grocery bags whereas before I could not as well as close a trunk of a car),

3. I took activated coconut carbon, only 1/8 of a capsule with water once a day made a huge difference within only three times. I would say that this confirms the leaky gut theory,

4. At this point, I would say I felt 65% better. since I had already been diagnosed adrenal fatigue through saliva test, I began to pursue what could be done to help my adrenals. I used a quality brand of ashwagandha. It seemed to make a mild, slow difference and then I ended up needing to get a zapper for something else. I use the zapper within around an inch of my adrenals daily, as the detox of using the zapper in general was hard on my adrenals. honestly, I believe the zapper has gotten the adrenal issues almost entirely better.

So, 98% is so much better. I have met people that have said they are entirely well and they removed their Mercury fillings, I’m guessing. I would need to have the funds to do this with a bio dentist to get entirely well. I am happy to say that I am looking forward to working part-time, as I do have another condition that is not entirely under way. I have read that mercury filling removal has also helped this condition as well.
If you can afford a naturopath and / or organics from the beginning I highly recommend this. A quality naturopath should doing adrenal test, order up a natural adrenal compounding cream. In fact there is one out there but I don’t do well with all of the ingredients. They should put you on some form of the gaps protocol. Also, they will likely have some herbs that help leaky gut. Myself, I’m quite impressed by activated coconut carbon, I would recommend testing to make sure you don’t have any allergies to this.

With the zapper, I am quite amazed that all pressure points that were present are gone. Yay! I hope to help anyone to avoid suffering in the future. I would say that if finances don’t allow much that getting on lemon water will help. Make sure you drink clean, distilled or spring water. If you were wealthy you would do alkaline water. I used a B12 that sublingual and food-based. Only 1000 MCG seems to be all I need. D3, when I can afford it also helps me feel amazing. Magnesium oil transdermally seem to provide a relaxed night of sleep when I had the fibromyalgia active before the gaps took full effect. I have read that the vegetarian diet can help fibro 60%, so I don’t know if this is why some people may be entirely chair bound, myself I was couch bound but able to get up and eat until I got rid of the grain and basic food allergens. I can now eat some dairy without problem as well as some sugar. There is hope!

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W.R. (Toronto) on 08/08/2019
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I have fibromyalgia and Fibro-related brain fog. I found a post about omega 3 DHA helping with fibro fog. Bought an omega 3 made from algae at the health shop in town, a vegan alternative, which I need. Long story short, the oil cleared the brain fog. I started with a 200 mg capsule twice a day, but now I'm down to just 1 capsule in the morning.

Hope this helps someone with fibro.

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Vitamin D, Borax Might Be Key in Alleviating Fibromyalgia

Hisjewel (New York) on 07/04/2017
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Thoughts on Chasing Achy Bones, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Pain with Borax and Vitamin D

I along with many other posters I'm sure, am learning what worked for me when I stopped taking it. When I hear about something I had not tried, I shorten my supplement list by leaving out something I was taking. I think I get bored, or sometimes the supplement worked so good I think I don't need that supplement any longer.

I shared with you how the C and D which was D3 was like a fountain of youth to me. I explained that I had stopped taking the high D (D3 10,000 IU) because of during my 3 day fast it seemed the pain came back with a revenge and I did not want to go through the withdrawal again.

I instead went to pain killers and went on drinking Borax (1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon of borax a day in one litter of purified or distilled water) which proved itself in my bones in about 4 months. After not being full of pain for a while, I simply stop taking the borax. Let me once again be thankful for the Coq10 for strengthening my heart and giving me energy to climb the 4 flights of stairs at City Hall, and I want to thank God for the MSM water of which I went through 3 gallons of it and breast pain is gone. I have not drank the daily five 1/8 to 1/4 glasses of MSM water in about a week ("Lord let it be a cure").

That being said, none of my recent supplements helped with aching bones, I began to wake up once again in the morning stiff and in pain soon after stopping the borax. Today as I was looking up Fibromyalgia cure, I took note that at least one of the sites and several posters found help by using high D3 supplements. So then I thought perhaps the reason that I was in so much pain when I stopped taking the D3 may have been because of deficiency and not necessarily, because I dropped it so fast.

What I think I will do is first try the D3 10,000 IU again, and if that along does not stop the pain, I will once again also do the borax.


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Serrapeptase for Fibro

Emma (Centralia, Il) on 12/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I also have fibromyalgia and just discovered that when I take Serrapeptase, it literally saves me from horrible pain all night. I couldn't do without it. I'd be in a wheelchair without that. Now I can walk again and do my work. It blocks the pain. Works immediately, no bad side effects. They say improving digestion even helps with depression. It sure does.
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Re: Swedish Bitters for Fibromyalgia

Ali (Wales) on 03/12/2016
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I was reading up on Swedish Bitters recently and several people had mentioned in reviews of various Bitters brands on Amazon that it had cured their Fibromyalgia. One woman said that within ONE week of taking the Bitters, her pain that had been a constant torment for well over 20 years, had gone......
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Jackie (Capetown, South Africa) on 06/03/2012
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After trying so many cures and having no success or little success over many years, I totally cured my chronic 15 year fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue thanks to this site and became a new person. I did this by eliminating fluoride, using borax as stated on earthclinic in distilled water, on top of this my menstruation returned after 4 years of nothing my gynae does not understand as my bloodtests show I am very much into advanced menopause. My arthritis also disappeared sametime.
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Bill- Question Regarding Protocol for Fibromyalgia

Bill (Mattoon, Il) on 01/09/2011

Bill, Will your listed protocol work for fibromyalgia? Or do you have any other suggestions? Thank you, Bill M.