Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy.

Natural Remedies for Fever

Whether you are in the “fevers are scary” or “fevers are natural” camp, knowing a few ways to treat a fever is essential. While most fevers are your body’s natural response to illness, the chills and up-and-down temperature fluctuations can leave you exhausted.

Applying natural remedies can not just reduce a fever for the duration of the medicine but will help your body cope with the illness it is fighting. The next time you or one of your loved ones spikes a fever, consider using apple cider vinegar, egg whites, garlic, or other natural remedies.

What Natural Fever Remedies Should I Use?

Your best strategy for dealing with a fever is to watch the symptoms rather than the thermometer. You can apply various natural treatments to help keep yourself or the affected individual comfortable while the fever works its way down. Some of the most effective fever remedies include apple cider vinegar, egg whites (most popular), garlic, potato, peppermint, and calcium lactate.

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List of Remedies for Fever