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EMFs From Smart Meters

ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 01/10/2022
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HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here and you gonna have to get up before daylight to SHEET this ole boy. If you are long in tooth, you recall when we had meter readers that came to our house at the first of the month to read our electric meter. No more. We have smart meters that give off emf's that they can read from their office. Problem is you are digesting these EMF'S 24/7. We no longer have a monthly meter reader so I figured that we have a smart meter. Called the co-op and they swore on the bible that they do not use smart meters. We Rednecks, so we went on the internet to see what a smart meter looks like. AYSM? It looks just like our meter. Now that's strange so I called our co-op back and after the young lady started sweating under my grilling, she suggested that I talk to an engineer. Naturally, he was busy and would call me back. I let him know that he needs to take some Tumbs before he calls, because I was going to give him indigestion. Learned that you can cover your meter with Al foil and you safe and they have to come read your meter. Does that sound like something ORH would do? Yep, and I know the best lawyers in East Tn. ====ORH====
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Fitbit and EMF Exposure

Jean (Pennsylvania) on 08/07/2021

Ok...nothing to do with the exact conversation but I have been researching if it is safe to wear a fitbit 24/7? I have been wanting to get one but was worried if it is safe to constantly have it on my body? Does anyone have any input...I keep getting mixed info on it every where I search.

Cassandra T. (Ventura, CA) on 08/30/2019
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I have a SafeSpace EMF protection device in my house as well as an EarthCalm whole house system. I didn't notice any difference with the SafeSpace. Not that it's not working, but just that I didn't feel anything. It took me several months to get used to the EarthCalm system. I had horrible detox systems -- fatigue, headaches, insomnia, nausea. I don't know if I feel better now that I'm used to it, but I definitely feel worse the few times I've had to unplug it. I also have one of the EarthCalm pendants. After wearing it daily for a couple of months, I developed a marble-sized lump on my sternum where it hangs. This freaked me out, so I stopped wearing it, and the lump went away. I have no idea what that was.

How to Test Microwave for EMF Leakage

Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 06/27/2017

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,,, we went for IV's today. I did a ALA for my legs and my Tractor Driver got a Vit C IV... jus 'cause. We met an ole acquaintance who was back trying to take care of Lyme's as she had been bitten again by a tick and the tell tale bullseye showed up. We talked about how she had to sell one home in Knoxville because towers nearby had put so much Dirty Electricity in her home that she stayed sick constantly.

I then told her that several years ago I had bought a meter to detect stray EMF's and found that our microwave maxed the meter out. She then related that we have a bad seal on our microwave door. To check that she said to put a cell phone in the microwave, call it and if it rings then we have a bad seal. I said it's almost new. That is not the issue. New ones can leak enough to give you breast cancer as happened to a friend of hers.

We did the test on ours and the cell phone rang. We tried it again and this time I made sure the door was tight and the phone did not ring. Guess it appears if you half ass close the door or not. Our government loves to mettle, this may be a good place to start. Check microwaves for leakage in the production line. If they leak, shut um down ....... "and I mean it this time". Hope you will test your microwave. Life is just a bowel of cherries.


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EMF Sensitivity

"sparky" Phd (Oak Park, Michigan) on 06/06/2017

The reason for EMF Sensitivity is the fact that Microwave radiation does not belong on earth. I am a Geophysicist, and have conducted my own studies.

In short, our WIRELESS is killing us. ( wireless is MICROWAVE radiation, the same as in an oven. ) As microwaves cook and deplete photonics energy in food, of course they do the same in our bodies.

There is NO regulation on the use or proliferation nor any safe guidelines regarding Microwaves and human flesh, because NO STUDIES were ever done.

The existing guidelines are from 1997 when cell phone use was in it, s infancy.

The reason why some people feel it more than others is due to the fact that Microwaves are attracted to Magnets. If you use wireless devices, such as iPads, cell phones, radio phones with the base from the 1980's until now, wireless lawn mowers, and "SMART" Appliances, and if you have a SMART METER on your home, or if you live near high power lines, radio towers, cell phone towers, you will get sick. I guarantee it.

The reason is: MICROWAVES are attracted to Magnets and heavy metals which are conductive, such as elemental iron, and even copper in the bloodstream.

This attraction and the fact that our devices constantly emit Magnetic Vapor that penetrates our bodies, makes us absorb MAGNETISM through our skin, much in the same way that the transdermal nicotine patch does. We also inhale the magnetic and metallic vapors when emitted by our SMART METERS, devices and our dirty electricity.

When you use any credit card, Security Scanner, X rays, or even scan your items at the grocery, you get a nice Magnetic shower somewhere on your body.

If you use your cell phone while sitting in traffic, stalled near the freeway under a cell phone tower, You can get a dose of radiation so intense that it will begin to overload your system, because you will be sitting in a Microwave Oven.

The Automobile is like a faraday cage UNLESS, it is a " SMART CAR" or, you use your cell phone or wireless device in the car. When you do, it becomes a well insulated " MICROWAVE OVEN" and people are becoming ill, every day in droves.

Please point out the fact that MICROWAVES do not exist on earth, unless we synthesize them.

SMART Meters bounce microwaves inside of your house constantly, through the wiring. These microwaves then flow through our house and through US and into us.

Again, there is NO LIMIT ago the number of cell phone towers and cell phones and SMART METERS. This means, each day it gets worse.

Add to this the FACT that metal in a microwave SPARKS. IN a high CELL PHONE use area such as a concert, hundreds of concert goers get Tinnitis and other ear - hearing- Menieres and burn related issues. This is because they have just microwaved themselves.

Science understands that Microwaves and Magnets are killing us all, it is the FCC and the EPA and their lobbyists who are blocking and controlling the research so that they can make billions off of our slowly dying bodies.


This is the cause of most disease.

I personally need to move into an EMF FREE ZONE to save my life.

Save yourselves, because it will be 5 to 10 years before things will change.

By that time, the Millennials will be dropping from Cancer, so there will be no more need for Wireless.

The only survivors will be those in under-developed nations and those living sequestered in EMF FREE communities.

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Coffee Enemas Helped EMF Sensitivity

Charles (Dallas, Tx) on 02/15/2016
5 out of 5 stars

EMF sensitivities: I wanted to share what has helped me tremendously.

I've tried a lot. Not everything but one thing which is very embarrassing to share, but I feel I must, to give back to this community has worked.


They detox the body and liver better than anything on the planet and lower my raised blood pressure and headaches that I get from emf exposure almost instantly. After the coffee enemas, and I usually do two back to back, I feel refreshed, happy and alive.

They've changed my life.

Do them in private. No one has to know... but I do say you have to try them!!! I believe they will change your life.

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Smart Meters and Unexplained Health Issues

Sam (Miami, Florida) on 03/28/2015

Unexplained health issues? Just in case, check if you have smart meters on the other side of your bedroom wall.

..."Wireless smart meters typically produce atypical, relatively potent and very short pulsed RF/microwaves whose biological effects have never been fully tested. They emit these millisecond-long RF bursts on average 9,600 times a day with a maximum of 190,000 daily transmissions and a peak level emission two and a half times higher than the stated safety signal Perlingieri's italics, as the California utility Pacific Gas Electric recognized before that State's Public Utilities Commission. Thus people in proximity to a smart meter are at risk of significantly greater aggregate exposure than with a cell phone, not to mention the cumulative levels of RF/microwaves that people living near several meters are exposed to.

People are exposed to cell phone microwaves primarily in the head and neck, and only when they use their device. With smart meters, the entire body is exposed to the microwaves, which increases the risk of overexposure to many organs.

In addition to these erratic bursts of modulated microwaves coming from smart meters that are transferring usage data to electric, gas and water utilities, wireless and wired smart (powerline communication) meters are also a major source of ''dirty electricity'' (electrical interference of high frequency voltage transients typically of kilohertz frequencies). Indeed, some scientists, such as American epidemiologist Sam Milham, believe that many of the health complaints about smart meters may also be caused by dirty electricity generated by the switching power supply activating all smart meters. Since the installation of filters to reduce dirty electricity circulating on house wiring has been found to relieve symptoms of EHS in some people, this method should be considered among the priorities aimed at reducing potential adverse impacts...

So many scientists and medical experts urgently recommend that measures following the Precautionary Principle be applied immediately such as using wired meters to reduce biologically inappropriate microwave exposure. We are not advocating the abolishment of RF technologies, only the use of common sense and the development and implementation of best practices in using these technologies in order to reduce exposure and risk of health hazards."

(Canadian magazine, La maison du 21e sicle the house of the 21st century, Dr. David O. Carpenter, a distinguished physician and former founding dean of the School of Public Health, State University, Albany (New York), has just published a letter called Smart Meters: Correcting the Gross Misinformation.(**) Google for the letter in its entirety.)


Any Recommendations on EMF Protection?

Josephine (Ontario, Canada) on 12/15/2014

Hi, I am looking to purchase EMF Protection for my home as I have chronic Lyme. I live in a condo apartment building where there is a lot of wifi around since every unit has their own wifi, also cell towers nearby and all around Toronto area. My unit is small, 655 sq ft, 1 bedroom + den.

I have looked into the following for my home and I am not sure which is better :
EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System - $375 CAD + $48.75 tax
SmartShield360 Plug-In Whole House Active EMF Protection - $299 US + shipping
Safe Space Radiant Room - $144.95 US + $20 shipping to Canada

I would also like to purchase a pendant, and I guess these are the most popular ones I have found :
EarthCalm Nova Resonator Necklace S Series - $199.00 CAD + $25.87 tax
EarthCalm Nova Scalar Resonator Stone Pendant - $349 US
Qlink SRT-3 Pendant - $99.95 US + shipping

And cell phone EMF protector :
EarthCalm Quantum Protector - $129 CAD + $16.77 tax
Aires Shield Extreme - $49 US + shipping
and other cheaper EMF sticker options

This is all I have found so far as there really aren't very many competitors. Any recommendations or suggestions appreciated. For example, does the Q-Link pendant work the exact same as the EarthCalm pendants? I haven't been able to find any reviews or comparisons on the internet.

My electrosensitivity has improved and getting better each day after removing my jaw cavitations, as well as fixing sphenobasilar bone being "stuck" after a few sessions with the craniosacral therapist. Will be treating Lyme shortly.

EMF Suggestions and Tips

Greenlllll (Columbia, Sc) on 05/02/2014
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EMF Help:

Yea for Earthing, and camping out.

First of all, I've poured through this site over many years, making many contributions and trying to get to the root cause of my mysterious pains. I'm now happy to say, that I've finally figured it all out, but now that I know, I am unable to share the entirety of that root cause, for the same reason I was unable to find out the info in the first place.

So, I'm just going to list the things that have worked for me the most to overcome the headaches around the eyes, sore throat, hairloss, dust allergies, mold allergies, lip-sores & sores all over the inside of the mouth, voice loss, flu..., in order:

Living in the woods, away from people, which, unfortunately may involve tresspassing, which I dislike and cannot recommend.

Camping in a national forest, FAR away from people, not at an official camp-site. I found a place where I could pull off the road and parked at this small offroad strip for 3 weeks. Some reserves allow campers for 3 weeks, and some only 2 weeks. At the very last day, when I arrived back to my truck, I found a bright orange sticker about 1' x 1' that was impossible to get off my window, telling me to be gone that day or get towed.

The reason camping out works is because 1 you're grounded, and 2 you're away from people. Don't ask.

So 1st thing is avoidance of EMF sources.

When you cannot help but be around EM sources, wear polarized sunglasses. Keep the car windows up, even though your A/C doesn't work. Keep your mouth closed & lips pursed. Mucus membranes are vulnerable. Eyes are the most vulnerable to EMFs.

You will crave iced tea, chocolate, and oranges. Try not to drink iced-tea & chocolate around EMFs. Oxalic acid makes you more vulnerable. Do eat oranges and take citric acid before being exposed to EMFs to purge your body of oxalic acid. Read up on Col Joe for more on that, but he only offers part of what you need to know.

The PC program Audible Cropcircle may help, if you're clever.

EM meters might be useful, but can also be a double-edged sword. Beware of false positives...

Of course, you've probably figured out that hot baths can help with the headaches quickly, but not always.

Trader Joes sells this Eye-support supplement which helps with the eye-headaches tremendously. Get this in case of emergencies. It's cheap and tastes great only when you have an eye-headache. If you don't have an eye-headache it tastes so-so.

Earthing works, & so does shielding, but Earthing is cheaper, but it only truly works if you can get to a true ground, and that's the tricky part if you're stuck on the 2nd floor of your apartment.

Try to stay earthed. You're safest when you're furthest away from all people. It can be lonely. I know! I live on a boat. I'm lonely as heck. Trust No One.

Do sungazing correctly. It helps ballance emotions & deal w/ lonliness.

When you get a good EMF detetor, one that's not hacked, it can help you figure out what's really going on, but this world is a grand deception. Best of luck. If you're a Baha'i, or true believer of any faith, read the sacred word at least twice a day, especially when things get anxious & tense. Read it out loud.

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EMF Question for Bill from the Philippines

Diane (Sherborn,ma) on 02/16/2014

Hello Bill, Do you have an opinion about EMF's and could they cause peripheral neuropathy? I was told by someone that IS the reason for my PN and I should disconnect my modem every night and put tin foil on my four walls of my bedroom and the ceiling...I've read some of your suggestions and was looking for and educated opinion I respect.

Second... would infra red saunas help PN or make it worse?

Lastly would a large 60 inch TV be bad for PN, my doctors have no opinion..



Robert Henry (Ten Mile ,tn) on 11/22/2013


Let me tell you another story. Concerned with house EMF's, so I bought me a meter to help me seek out the electrical problems that will do me in. Yep, our microwave is bad news Charlie. Don't just back off when it's running, get out of the room. What was so disturbing to me is that our laptop was just as bad as our microwave if your had it in your lap. The strength goes down with inches, so use this device and stay 6" or more away least you mess up your recreational area.

I also learned that our FIR Sauna that I brag on often, also can do you in. I will just conclude that the EMF's are a trade off for getting detoxed. Life is just a bowel of cherries and we need to rejoice that we have a site like Earth Clinic that we can share our health success' and failures with our fellow man. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is in this day and time. I'm sure this site is a target to be shut down by our handlers.

Too much free expression. Got to toe the line.

Love you all =========ROBERT HENRY=============


Aquarium Tank for Microwave and Emf Protection

James (Melbourne, Australia) on 02/25/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I just have a suggestion that I think would help others about protection from EMF and microwave radiation. I believe a good size aquarium of at least 50 gal in your room will help a lot in absorbing harmful microwave energy. I haven't done experiments on this to really prove that it works but you can try it. This youtube link might convince you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KprvZ8cBfW4

Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal for Emf Protection

Wayseeker (Modesto, Ca/ Usa) on 09/27/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I believe that extra large Himalayan Crystals serve to ground EMFs, though it may take a few around the house, and be a bit costly. I'm not so sure how eco-friendly this practice is, but it seems to be done with great respect. --T.

Mom With Severe Reaction to Emf

S (Sd, California) on 09/10/2012

Hi, I'm writing on behalf of my Mother, who suffers severe electromagnetic hypersensitivity to cellphones, celltowers, major powerlines, and wifi. She gets burns on her skin from exposure, a cracking sensation in her head and body numbness just being in the same car or auditorium with those who have their cellphones with them. It's very hard recently living in our apartment in San Diego, as many neighbors now have satellite dish & wifi. We are looking for safer housing. We've made many adjustments already in the realm of health, dietary, even trying several shielding mechanisms, none of which have worked. We've even attempted moving but as yet nothing has panned out. Any help you have or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Please, if there are any resources or directions that could possibly help in dealing with this, let us know. Thank you


Oolitic Limestone for Emf Protection

Richard (Miami, Florida, Usa) on 08/11/2012

I developed EMF sensitivity about fourteen years ago. I moved into a top-floor apartment in Miami Beach, and my downstairs neighbor was a ham radio operator. He had his radio antenna on the roof of the building, about eight feet away from my head as I sat at my desk. I was a college student back then, and I sat at that desk all evening long. And my neighbor talked on his radio all evening long, five or six nights a week. For nearly three months, I hardly slept. My head would not shut down and let me sleep at night. I thought I was going insane. At that time, I knew nothing about the effects of radio frequency on the human brain. After about three months, I did learn what was causing the problem, and the landlord made my neighbor move his antenna. But the damage was already done. I had become highly sensitized, not only to radio frequency, but to EMF as well.

Over the years I have tried many, many different devices and techniques for dealing with this problem. Most of the man-made devices were too strong for me. I do still use one of those devices, which I can tolerate, but it only provides me with limited protection (I may not mention the brand name). Of the natural/mineral products I have tried, black tourmaline does seem to help quite a bit, but I can only use it for a few hours at a time. The only really satisfactory solution I found is to remove oneself totally from the man-made energy environment (not a practical solution for most of us, except for short periods). At my last home, I used to sleep out back, one hundred feet away from the building and all sources of EMF. I placed a screen of RF shielding cloth over and around my sleeping cot. And that worked great! I slept like I hadn't done since I was a child.

Recently, due to circumstances totally beyond my control, I lost my home and I was obliged to move into an apartment where the electical and the electro-magnetic readings are truly frightening. The magnetic field here is about ten milligauss, while the elecric field fluctuates between one thousand and fifteen hundred millivolts! Anybody who knows what those numbers mean will think me crazy for being here. Believe me, I had no choice.

The black tourmaline and my man-made protective device are hopelessly inadequate in such a strong field. I couldn't sleep at all, I started suffering from constant tinnitus, and my head was in an appalling mess. I was in serious trouble.

In desperation, I tried an idea that had come to me recently (though I hesitate to explain just how that idea came to me). I went to a park near my place of work in Miami--Alice Wainright Park--and I picked up two palm-sized pieces of oolitic limestone. It turns out that most of eastern Florida consists of oolitic limestone, and there are places where one can find it on the surface. I have kept these pieces of oolitic limestone in my pockets ever since, and I sleep with them beside me at night. I keep them in sandwich bags because this rock is soft and crumbly, and it makes a mess. And the effects have been quite remarkable. I sleep soundly, with none of the awful dreams that I usually experience when sleeping in an EMF environment, and I wake up with my head in good shape.

During the daytime, I receive the same protection. Again, due to force of circumstances, I was recently obliged to start doing a telephone sales job in Miami, and by five o'clock each day by brain was in an awfully strained and exhausted state. But I needed that job in order to survive, in spite of the damage it was doing me. The day I started carrying the oolitic limestone in my pockets, the problems disappeared. I came out of work at five o'clock with my head as fresh as it had been at nine in the morning.

I realize that I must still move out of this apartment as soon as possible because the extreme electrical and electro-magnetic fields in here may well be killing off brain cells and doing damage to my DNA. But at least the oolitic limestone is protecting my conscious brain state so that I am fully functional for the time being, and I can sleep soundly as well.

I did have two setbacks in using this oolitic limestone. The first came with the start of the Olympic games in London. I do not own a television, and I do not normally watch television. When the Olympics started, my new landlady lent me a very small flat-screen television so I could watch the games. This television is so small, one has to sit within a couple of feet of it to see anything. I wouldn't normally dream of getting so close to such a device, but I thought the oolitic limestone would protect me. It did not, and I had an awful, sleepless night as a result. So, no more television for me. Whether I would have had a similar result from watching a normal sized television at a normal viewing distance, I do not know. And I do not intend to experiment.

Secondly, I did buy a large, one hundred-pound block of oolitic limestone from a local stone mason. It occurred to me that I might get even better results from having a lot of this rock all around my apartment. But having that much of the rock close by caused me to have a very strange and very unpleasant night--though the effects were quite different from those produced by EMF. The next night I put that big block out of the apartment. However, I did break of a ten-pound chunk, which I kept by my bed (in addition to the two one-pound pieces that I have on my bed). But even this proved too much, and I had another really bad night.

The rock must be creating some field effect of its own that does not agree with me--except in small quantities. I am still experimenting to find the optimum amount to use and the best methods of using it. I have found that having that ten-pound piece of the rock seven feet away from my bed does work well and gives me an even better night's sleep than the two one-pound pieces alone.

So, if anybody else is interested in trying oolitic limestone, be warned: Start out using very small quantities. And there may be things, such as television, that will cancel out any benefits.

How does it work? I do not know. Maybe the crystalline structure somehow modulates the environmental man-made energy field. I am not a scientist.

There are different varieties of oolitic limestone. I am using the pure, white variety, which consists of nothing but oolites. There are varieties that include quantities of sand or clay. These tend to be red, yellow or orange in color. I have no experience with these varieties. To verify that you do have oolitic limestone, break off a corner and look at a bit of clean, unweathered rock surface through a magnifying glass. The ooliites will stand out clearly.

You will not find this rock in a rock shop. But you may find it in a yard carrying rock and gravel for garden, ornamental and construction purposes. And if it is not available in other parts of the country, try contacting a rock yard in south Florida. They may ship it to you, for a price. You don't need very much, and the rock itself is very cheap.

I should be interested to hear if others benefit from this stuff as I have done. And I would like to hear if others find better ways of using it than I have. This rock hasn't cured me, of course. But it is helping to deal with the situation as nothing else has helped me before. And that is huge.

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Advice Needed on Emf Exposure

Robyn (Melbourne, Australia) on 05/05/2011

I just cannot go into the library with my nose stuffed with tissue and 2 face masks on anymore. Apart from all the sniggers and being called a terrorist people's deodorants kill me. I suffered through more deodorant to get an old desk top set up for me. It is outside on a balcony, glass sliding door between me and it but my nerves still get fried through the keyboard and mouse. Anybody have any ideas?? Does anybody have any solutions for those that truly suffer from exposure to chemicals and fragrances? This world is too harsh for me.

Do Electric Heating Plates Emit Negative Effects?

Clemens (Lhasa, Tibet) on 04/21/2011


I am about to restore a house that has no heating at the moment.

I was thinking about putting the hot water radiator system (a furnace and many hot water pipes heating the radiators in every room, as it is the habit in my country). Anyhow, talking with an architect, I learned that installing a system using electric heating plates is cheaper and wastes less energy if always kept on instead of turning it on and off al the time, plus, because after a while, because the wals themselves start irradiating heat, the overall temperature is more even and the air doesn't overheat or overdry.

I was wondering though, if electric heating plates have a bad effect on health or not and if it wise to use them?
All the best


Emf Side Effects

Norma (Orlando, Florida) on 11/09/2010

I also have been diagnosed with EE, and have also been challenged with environmental illness. Just wanted to make others aware about what I think my trigger is and that is electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies. I am extremely electrohypersensitive and when I am in fluorescents and especially CFL's or around a lot of WiFi (cell towers, etc), I can feel the pain in my body begin among other symptoms and I most certainly can feel the acid reflux starting. If I try to eat after I have been exposed than I will not be able to swallow and my symptoms will begin. I know this may sound crazy to some, but it has been a very serious problem for me and I have been struggling with this condition for 5 years. I too have gone to naturopaths, and many other natural healthcare practioners, but they too are stumped by this condition and the fact that my body is so extremely sensitive to all of the new technology. Anyway, I just wanted to pass this along to hopefully help someone else.

Emf Protectors for Electromagnetic Field Radiation Exposure

Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 07/20/2010
5 out of 5 stars

EMFs have become quite a bit of concern in recent years. I have seen some people quite sensitive to them and highly affected. Dr. Joseph Mercola just wrote an article about the concerns of cellphones- something most of us now use. Personally, I have worn an EMF protection device for about 9 years. The endorsers are quite impressive- such as Lynne McTaggert, Ken Wilber and Gary Null. I've even noticed Anthony Robbins wears one. The product is called the QLink and they come in different styles. They all do the same thing though just some are fancier than others. They also carry home protection devices of which I have not tried. I feel it's worth having this protection and encourage everyone to do research on EMF protection. I mention this product because I use it and liked what I read about the research that was done to create the devices. Hope this info helps those with EMF issues. Lisa
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Emf Suggestions

Sullykip (Brooklyn, NY) on 08/22/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I know some EMF remedies that everybody can do themselves, at little or no cost.

1) Remove all electronic objects from within a 5 foot radius of your bed. Electronics emit radiation very strongly within a five foot field, but weakly thereafter. Your body needs peace and calm most of all when it sleeps--that's when it restores its energy and tries to heal itself. So your bed is the most important place to make EMF-free. By removing all radio-alarm clocks, electric clocks, phones, lights, etc from the area near your bed, you make a good start. Just put your alarm clock at the otehr end of the room, on your bureau--it will work better there, anyway! As far as lamps, you can either do without the bedside lamp, use a soy-candle instead, or, you can unplug your lamp (if you leave it on your bedstand) each night before going to sleep. Either way, if you make sure no electronics are active (ie, plugged in) within a 5-foot radius of your bed, you will sleep much, much better and be stronger overall.

2) Ground your bed--and your house--with plants! Put a plant that is in a natural pot--such as stoneware, wood, or pottery (clay) on a table also of natural substance (wood) by your bed. Take a strong or long piece of cloth that is either silk, cotton or wool or hemp (ie natural; ideally organic, but fine if conventional). Tie one end of the cord to a leg of the table that the plant is on. Tie the other end to a leg of the bed. Now your bed is Grounded. Seems ridiculous but is true. The plant derives strong natural harmonious energy from the earth's core. The energy will travel through the cord, to your bed. You can do this anywhere in your house--tie one end of a cord to a leg of a table that a plant is on, and tie the other end to a tassle of a natural-fiber rug, such as a wool rug, or cotton rug, or hemp-mat. Now the whole room is grounded, through the rug. If you already had plants around, this costs you nothing. You can tape the cord to the floor so it doesn't trip anyone, if you want. The more plants in natural pots (placed on natural surfaces) you have, the more grounded your house will be. Crystals work well too.

3) always always always turn your cell phone off at night.

4) in fact, turn it off whenever you do not need it to be on. You probably do not need it to be on as much as you imagine you do. We all think we're important and that everyone is trying to reach us all the time. This is somewhat of an illusion. The world will not end if you turn your cell phone off most of the day. Try it. Try only turning it on to check yr messages.

5) If you must have your cell phone on during the day, place it in the next room, or at least 6 feet away from you. It may need to be on, but it does not need to be in your pocket! That is what "loud ringing" is for. Put the cellphone far away from you. Say you work as a salesclerk. Put the phone at the other end of the store. Say you're a house-wife/husband. Keep the phone in the next room, the one you're not in. Just set the ringer on "loud." Unless you're deaf, you'll hear it. It absolutely does Not need to be in your pocket (where its strong & unharmonious signals will, on a low level, fritz your brain all day long).

6) Try the other guy's suggestion--get some "blue stick" at a hardware store, it's only $2-3 for a pack of 4 of the putty-sticks; use it to "glue" a penny (or two or three pennies) to the back of your cell phone. The EMFs will be reduced. Any copper or silver disk should reduce the EMFs. A disk of black onyx or black tourmaline also works nicely, as these inexpensive gemstones absorb EMF radiation. "Apache Tears" work very well; they are often sold as disks. Any black natural gemstone will absorb emfs.

7) You can test the efficacy of these devices kinesthetically. Ask a good friend or partner to help you. Don't tell them what the experiement is about. Say it will be explained afterwards. Ask them to stand up straight, leave their left arm & hand hanging down at their side, and to hold out their right arm in front of them, so that it is parallel to the ground. Remove their phone from their pocket, and place it at the other end of the room. Have them stand in an open space, at least 5 feet away from all electronic devices. The way you test them is:

a) STEP ONE: you stand perpendicular to them. You place your hand on top of their right arm, just below the wrist, and press downward gently but firmly. You tell them to Resist you, as much as they can. You increase pressure gently but firmly.

first test them with nothing in their left hand (which is resting at their side). You press down on their right arm; see if you can push it down. If they are healthy and strong, you can not. If you are much stronger than them: Just push a medium amount, not so as to push the arm down, but enough to test their strength. You must then use the same level of pressure during all other parts of the experiment, so as to be consistent.

B) STEP TWO: next, test them while they hold a known toxin in their left hand. The left side of the human body is the receiving side. Ie, the body receives information from items and forces through its left side. So if they hold a known toxin in their left hand, it will make them weak, and you should suddenly be able to push down their right arm quite easily. For example, have them hold a paper cup with some ammonia in it. Have them take a whiff of the ammonia in the cup first, to make double-sure that their body understands what is in the cup. then they hold the cup in their left hand, which is still resting at their side, down by their hip. Then they hold their right arm out, strongly, parallel to the floor, as before, and you say "Resist me." You press down on their right arm gently but firmly. The odds are, when they are holding the cup of ammonia that they just sniffed, the person's right arm will go weak.

If it does not: The person's electrical system is not in alignment. If they can resist you as strongly as they did before (when not holding the ammonia), that means their electrical system is out of whack, and/or needs some help. You can't do the rest of the experiment. It would be like asking a blind person to read a signpost. The person may need some magnesium. Or, I dunno. Ask Ted!

Another good example of a known toxin you can use for the first part of the experiment is fluoride-toothpaste. Any old tube of Crest or Colgate or Tom's-of-Maine-with-Fluoride will do. (BTW Colgate bought toms-of-maine. They are now the same company). Have the person put a little dollop of toothpaste on their tongue, and hold it in their mouth. They should NOT swallow. They hold the tube of toothpaste (open) in their left hand, which is at their side. They hold up their right arm, so that it is parallel to the ground; You say 'resist me!' and press down gently but firmly, increasing pressure as they resist. If their electrical system is in alignment, their right arm will go down down down like a limp noodle. You did not even tell them what the experiment was about, so this is not subjective. As far as they know, fluoride toothpaste is good for them.

C) STEP THREE: Now for the cell-phone. Take the person's cell-phone, which is unprotected. Make sure it is turned-on. Put it in their left hand, which as always, is down by their hip. Their left arm is at rest. Have them raise their right arm so that it is parallel to the floor. Place your hand on their right arm, just below the wrist. Say 'Resist me." Press down gently but firmly. Their right arm will go weak. Why? Because their cell phone, which is exerting strong discordant electromagnetic radiation, is in their left hand, and their left side is their receiving side.

D) STEP FOUR: Put their cell phone far away, or at least 6-10 feet away. Test the person with nothing again, just as a neutral step. See if, with no toxins in the vicinity, they can resist you as they did initially. They should be able to.

E) STEP FIVE: Take the cell phone that you have just now "protected" by attaching several (3) pennies with "Blue stick" to it. Put the "protected" cell phone in the person's left hand. Test them just as you did in STEP FOUR. If the pennies are adequately protecting your phone, the person will stay strong.

If they are weak when holding your protected phone: the three pennies are not strong enough to protect this person. They may be unusually vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation. The pennies are a cheap do-it-yourself remedy that while good, is not 100% effective. They reduce EMFs, but can only do so much. If you have a phone that emits a LOT of EMFs, you may need stronger measures. (Lap top computers are stronger than cell phones. They may require ten pennies. Try it). There are many EMF-reduction products sold that are very good--that are even excellent. I can't mention brand-names here b/c it's not kosher. Generally, the ones that offer a 90-day moneyback guarantee are better than those that offer only a 30-day one. A 30-day money back policy is probably a lame product. If pennies glued to your phone (or laptop) don't work, try gluing on onyx disks, or apache-tears-disks, or black tourmaline. Try silver disks. If those don't work, try some of the 60 or 90 day money back guarantee products. Test them! If they don't work for you, return them. I have a "resonator" necklace I bought from a site, that comes with a black-onyx and lithium battery charm, and it is very effective. I never take it off. My chiropractor, MD and naturopath have all tested it. I'm very sensitive to EMF's because I have aluminum poisoning. So I really need my protective necklace, my plants that ground my house, and etc. I keep my cell phone off whenever possible, and when it must be on, it's always on my right side, not my left. I can feel the difference whenever I accidentally carry it on my left side--I feel dizzy.

I've seen my resonator, when worn by people who go weak when carrying a cell phone, make these people strong enough to resist anything even when carrying the phone.

Heavy metals, EMF's, fungus-es, and yeast all work synergistically. They support each other and promote each other. I don't understand the science behind it, but my (integrative) MD, who's helping me chelate aluminim and mercury, explained it to me. When I am near EMFs--say at a laptop computer with the wireless on--I feel very dizzy, and I cann't focus. This is in part b/c of the EMF's. But it is also because the Candida inside my stomach and head, and the fungi, think they are being attacked (by the EMF) and act up. It's a perfect storm--and perfectly awful! I have high levels of heavy metals, and Candida, and fungus. I'm sure I'm not alone. The best solution, for me, is to a) chelate the darn aluminum, which is promoting the Candida and mold. b) once I've chelated the aluminum, I can get rid of the yeast and fungus. c) Once I've done that, I will not be as vulnerable to EMF's. D) in the meanwhile, and even once I'm better, I protect myself from EMFs by reducing exposure as much as possible--only using the wireless on my laptop when I need to, only turning my phone on when I need to; and by grounding my home, protecting my sleeping area, and putting reduction devices on my phone and laptop, and wearing personal protection (my resonator). If you're on a budget and would rather not buy commercial protection devices--try using plants in natural pots, and try adhering pennies to your phone and laptop with blue-stick! It's surprising what you can do yourself. I've also heard you can make your own EMF-reduction pyramids with copper wire, and ground your whole house that way. I'm sure you can google this.

But most of all, turn your cell phone and wireless signal (router) off at night. And get the electronics away from your bed! And if your job entails sitting at a live computer all day, and it's giving you headaches--consider switching fields. Why should you suffer? If you really can't switch--there are products strong enough to ground a computer, and self-protection devices that are strong also. However, the best protection is elimination.

I'd be curious to hear what people find, if they try the do-it-yourself kinesthetic arm-test. Given, it is a crude test and not the "proper" method that trained kinesthesiologists used. But I've seen it used successfully by many. Dying to hear if it works for some out there with cell phones.