Vegan Diet for Diabetes Type II

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Gokhals (Ca) on 08/07/2015:
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The China Study has been debunked by Denise Minger and Chris Masterjohn.

To reverse diabetes, go on a low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet. I used to be largely vegetarian, and ate no fats for a couple of years. Nearly killed me.

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Laura (New Plymouth, Idaho Usa) on 09/10/2012:
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Apparently, we are not all created the same. I did the vegan route for 20 months and had to give it up as even my vegan naturopath told me I'd have to at least eat fish to survive. A lot of bad things happened. My hormones shut down, or close to it. My hair was falling out. My high blood pressure got worse instead of better. I lost too much weight. I began to experience various fungus problems, so much that one doctor ran tests for Aids, even though I thought there was no possible way except for blood transfusions many years before. My cholesterol dropped, but the balance was all bad, and that's just a few things that went wrong. Listen to your body. I should have done that a lot sooner than I did.
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Merryanne (Orange City, Florida, Usa) on 05/18/2010:
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Vegan Diet and Diabetes

This is an update, 4 months ago I started a vegan diet that also includes,,No white potatoes, no white rice, no white bread (I make my own yeast breads, but use whole wheat none enriched, none bromated whole flours) can use Rye or pumpernickle purchased breads. All green vegs are fresh or frozen cooked in water with sea salt (no microwave cooking) I eat dry beans cooked in water and sea salt. I eat apples, bananas, melons, berries all low sugar, and no sugar can be used, no purchsed cooked or fast food, I use brown rice. Now, this not a boring diet,,I also season with onions, garlic, herbs, peppers, salsa fresh, cilantro, NO OILS NO FATS,,I do add 1/3 cup olive oil when making bread,,That is all the oil I eat. Now THE GOOD NEWS I have lost 15 pounds,,,AND I only take insulin mabe 3 times a week, and take half the insulin I was taking. My blood is checked at least twice a day, and has never gone over 190, then fell on its own in 2 hours. I eat any time I want all I want, I am not hungrey, and I do not exersise,,,but I plan to start this week. SO,,,I am reading from THE CHINIA STUDY by T. Colin Campbell, PhD, this covers 30 years of research on food and diseases. I will update again in 3 months.

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