Turmeric for Diabetes Type II

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Reid (Herrin, IL) on 08/06/2008:
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Diabetes: I was diagnosed about a year ago. I was put on metformin. I found that taking 2 caps of turmeric with each meal dropped my sugar levels to normal after 2 hours of eating. I found that taking 4 cap. of turmeric with metforman once a day dropped my sugar levels too low around 60.

I now am off all prescription diabetes medicine. The way I did it was I took chromium normal dose for 30 days. Tumeric with food for 30 days. Ginger and cinnamon with meals for 30 days. After that I stopped the metformin.

I watch my diet and don't over eat and stopped ALL sodas. My levels I check once a week now in the morning (fasting) and they are allways under 100. Before over 130.

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Kathy (Hendersonville, NC) on 02/02/2008:
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I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a year ago and have been taking all kinds of insulin to control it finally i began walking and it began to go down. i cut out all of my shots but my night time one. i started having severe pain in my right foot to the point that i could not hardly walk on it all the doc wanted to do was pain pills well i got on your site and found out about turmeric and began taking three capsules in the morning and three at night within two days my foot pain was gone !!
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