Supplements for Diabetes Type II

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Larry (Fairfax, Va) on 08/27/2015:
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It's been purported that R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) can significantly lower & stabilize blood sugar in diabetics. ( I do not take insulin.) I started to take 500 mg, a half hour before meals and I started to feel very tired; I thought the R-ALA was causing hypoglycemia; upon eating something sweet, my energy came back. Has anybody had such an experience with the R-ALA?
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Becca (Abilene, Tx) on 01/31/2014:
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There is a lot of medical research that shows 1200 to 1800 mg per day of alpha lipoic acid stabilizes blood sugar but cautions that if you are already on insulin, you must check your readings often as you will probably have to decrease your insulin as the ALA stabilizes your body. There are many wonderful effects from ALA...decreased blood pressure, decreased joint pain, significant decrease in neuropathy pain, a wonderful sense of well being (lessens or eliminates depression), among others. I have been on it for three weeks and no longer take BP meds and have just finished weaning off my thyroid meds. I check my blood sugar once a day and it has decreased...was told I was pre diabetic...and I haven't felt the need for an anti depressant in over two weeks. I take a specific brand that is 300 mg and is sustained release. since starting this supplement, along with some others, I feel better than I have in years? Good luck.
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Jolene (Albuquerque, Nm) on 01/04/2014:
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For blood sugar, research mulberry leaf tea and the dried mulberries as a way to remove much sugar from the blood. This was reported on Dr. Oz and I have noticed that mulberry leaf is included in many formulas for controlling the damaging symptoms of diabetes. Chromium, which appears naturally in brewer's yeast, or in supplement form and gymnema sylvestre are other supplements that help balance blood sugar levels in diabetics. I have used all of these as well as alpha lipoic acid and bitter melon to manage diabetes for over 25 years and my blood sugar usually never goes over 100.
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Steve (Los Angeles) on 03/04/2007:
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I have been taking about 2000mg of vitamin c in the morning and evening. the problems I have had with my feet has all but disappeared. I have had numbing or tingling in my feet. I do not know if this is from physical injuries too them or from type 2 diabetes or both but I feel the Vitamin C has helped alkaline my system.
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