Metadicho, a Nano Lipid for Diabetes Type II

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Debra (Sydney, Australia) on 04/25/2023:
5 out of 5 stars

Amazing product that everyone should know about. I've had long standing health issues for the past 23 years due to mould, and this is fixing them all.

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Jackie (Ojai, CA) on 06/12/2021:
5 out of 5 stars

"We have demonstrated that Metadichol (NANO SOMA's active ingredient) is useful in both type 1 and two diabetes and in modulating insulin levels and reducing sugar levels and thus increasing insulin sensitivity"


NANO SOMA is a nano-emulsion of policosanol, commonly found in unrefined foods such as rice and cane sugar. Nano-policosanol, patented as Metadichol, triggers the body to heal itself. It seems to reverse many age-related diseases and pathogen-related diseases. There are numerous scientific studies on this seemingly miraculous natural particle. There are also many testimonials on the site.

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