Gymnema Sylvestre for Diabetes Type II

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Rachel (Brooklyn) on 03/17/2014:
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My husband is a diabetic for ten years now, and he has been taking metphormin twice a day but his sugar numbers are inching higher and he does not want to increase the dosage of his meds. We tried some of the herbs you mentioned and it helped but I think the trick is to find a good cocktail of lots of herbs. Each herb helps a little but if they are taken all together that can be powerful. My husband started taking something that has gymnema sylvestra and cinamen, bitter melon and chromium...It brings down his sugar 30 to 40 points. there are a few good herbal formulas on the market. One just has to go on line and try them out. My husband takes his herb pill after dinner cause thats when his sugar spikes, some people take a pill in the morning. Its important to check your sugar to figure out when a supplementary herbal pill is needed.

Good luck, Rachel

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Julie (Ellwood City, Pa, Usa) on 09/22/2009:
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Gymnema Sylvestre is used successfully to keep blood sugars lower. It prevents the peaks occurring after eating. Also helps with insulin resistance. My father in law takes this herb once per day (400mg) in the morning. He was taking his oral medication and insulin injections twice per day -- AM and PM -- number of units dependent upon blood sugar readings. He usually always run around 350 to 400 in his readings. Since taking Gymnema Sylvestre, his blood sugar is now in the 145 to 155 range; he has stopped his AM and PM insulin injections. His Alc is also down slightly below 7. *** IF YOU CHOOSE TO TAKE GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE PLEASE MONITOR YOUR BLOOD SUGAR READINGS CLOSELY TO PREVENT HYPOGLYCEMIC EPISODES. As with my father in law, his medications have had to be adjusted.

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