Fasting for Diabetes Type II

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B (No, Ca) on 07/19/2012:
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I have done the low 800 calorie diet from the U. K. And it worked for me. My numbers were very high, even with medication. But after the eight week diet, they dropped to a fasting level of 85-97. Since I have been off the diet, my fasting level numbers are between 100-140, depending on what I eat. I have been experimenting with different foods etc. to see what happens. But, all this without medication. It is a huge relief as the medication had serious side effects as well as having numbers too high for good health. The additional bonus was that I dropped 45 pounds, now maintaining with normal eating at 40 lbs. Oh, and I didn't use the brand of shake they recommended as it was too expensive, but found others at regular stores with similiar balance of ingredients.
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