Cold Showers for Diabetes Type II

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Dennis (Hamilton, Ontario) on 01/05/2017:
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I came across this cold shower stories just like we all do on line and I tried it, could not belief the numbers I was seeing. I’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes and been trying everything to get my number down to were the number the doctors needed me to get to get them to . This may not be your saving grace BUT it sure worth a few try with an open mind and be sure to keep a close eye on your numbers.

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Sushan (London, UK) on 02/01/2009:
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cold shower therapy to reduce blood sugar:

cold shower therapy to reduce blood glucose, and get lots of other health benefits. as someone with type 2 diabetes i have been experimenting off and on over 2 years or so with cold showers. they definitely work to reduce blood sugar, by encouraging the cells to utilise the glucose.

some tips :

1. for sustained benefit, its necessary to habituate to cold water( colder temperature is better, ideally around 10 degree centigrade , so it helps to live in a cold climate). It will probably take about a month to habituate. You know this has occurred when you dont really feel the cold after a minute or so of the cold shower, but instead feel quite deatached from consideration of the temperature- you dont really mind it; infact you rather enjoy the sensation.

2. duration: best results occur when the duration of the shower is upwards of 3 minutes ( it takes 3 minutes for blood to make a complete circuit of the system )to 15 minutes. I personally aim for 2 cold showers a day, 11 minutes each time. morning and evening. self- massage your body during the shower to stimulate circulation, and warm the body. Peripheral circulation (PC) is an issue with diabetes - i have found my practice has significantly improved my own PC- but the self massage is essential especially where the body feels cold.

3. wrap up well after the shower, incl thick socks and if you take longer showers (over 6 minutes) ensure the body temperature has returned to homeostasis before venturing out.

4. caution - if you have diabetes with uncontrolled HBP or atherosclerosis , dont try this approch . At the start it can spike BP up , although its final effect on BP is benign and beneficial.

EC: Read more about cold shower therapy here:
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