Chlorophyll for Diabetes Type II

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Sparenone (Atlanta, Ga) on 07/31/2017:
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So 2 years ago I bought a glucose machine just to start checking myself. I was 29 years old and figured it couldn't hurt. Every morning it was always between 90 and 100. An hour after I ate, it would jump to about 240. An hour after that, it was right back down to 90 again. This was alarming but I had also been told this was somewhat normal for someone with O- blood type like me. For a year I tested myself and this was just my body's pattern. I have always eaten healthy and get plenty of exercise at work (really labor-intensive job). So fast-forward a couple of years.

2 months ago my girlfriend pulled a tick off my back and it got reeeeally infected to the point where she had to tape one of her pads to my back 3X a day to soak up all the fluid it was leaking. Went to the doctor and found out it gave me Lyme Disease. During the blood work, the doctor also told me I was diabetic. He said my fasting blood sugar (I hadn't eaten at the time of my blood work since the night before, about 12 hours worth of fasting) was 350. 350!? I told him I had been on it just 2 years ago and fasting levels were always 90!!

I asked if Lyme could cause this, and he doesn't even acknowledge the fact I had said anything at all, just prescribes metformin. So over the last 2 months, I have been drinking 3 bottles of water per day, each with 2 tablespoons of ACV in them. I did this for a couple weeks and it didn't seem to help much. My fasting level was always somewhere between 320 - 350. I suspect that Lyme may be playing a part in this (which he did also prescribe doxycycline to kill Lyme and I go back in 4 days to be retested) but I couldn't get my sugar level down!! So frustrating for someone like me who absolutely despises the corrupt medical field. I realize a lot of is benign and there to help but in the case of diabetes treatment, it's corrupt in my opinion.

But finally, FINALLY I came across a doctor who has gone rogue and suggested to me to get a bottle of the very best chlorophyll I could find and mix 2 tablespoons of it with a bottle of water and drink it 2X per day, possibly 3X. After doing so for a week, my fasting blood sugar level has dropped from 350 to the low 200 range. I am so excited and this gives me so much hope. I know it may also be the fact that Lyme is supposedly going away, and I apologize to the readers for having so much going on at once. My first and foremost goal is to get rid of Lyme (which I read stevia may help with) and then I'll zero-in on diabetes if its still there. But that's my journey thus far, and I highly recommend chlorophyll for diabetes. It doesn't even change the flavor of your water, I love it. Thank you for hearing my story and I'll update in probably a week or so.

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