Black Seed Oil for Diabetes Type II

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Karen (West Australia) on 04/26/2022:
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Hi Wanda,

My late partner had type two for like over 20 yrs before we got together. In 2015 he was diagnosed with bowel cancer, but I'd like to share a part of our story with the hope that it helps you too.

We heard about black seed oil (nigella sativa), so I started to do some research and we both started taking it. I took maintenance dose and he slowly increased to a higher dose.
The black seed oil (BSO) helped a lot, at times he could go without his insulin. If he wasn't on chemo, he could have controlled it a lot easier. It also helped with his liver and immune.

Black seed oil has the potential to cure everything they say. It's proven to help me in my digestive problems, OA pain, sinuses, dry eyes and prevents colds and flu's and keeps my immune strong.

There are plenty of studies and articles on BSO.


Hope this helps you.

Good luck


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