Bitter Melon for Diabetes Type II

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Miker (Quezon City, Greater Manila Area, Phl) on 04/09/2011:
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Hi. I'm Mike from the Philippines. I'm glad I stumbled upon this site. Currently, I am taking ACV for allergies due to my anti-hypertensive medicine. I think it has helped me somewhat. I am hoping that long term use will further reduce incidence of allergies.

Upon searching for other remedies for diabetis for my father, I noticed that there was no mention of bitter melon or what we call ampalaya. You may want to create a category for this since it is a popular remedy here in the far east. In fact, bitter melon is prepared in different presentations as a food supplement to assist diabetics control their glucose levels. These are prepared in capsules, tea bags or leaves for boiling (unbagged tea).

Thanks and more power to you and all the sites patrons!

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