Dermatographic Urticaria Remedies

What Is Dermatographic Urticaria?

Better known as skin writing, dermatographic urticaria is a skin condition that presents as light writing on the skin. An individual affected by the disease experiences a slightly red, raised welt similar to that of hives from even gently scratching his or her skin. Generally the “writing” or red marks disappear after a short period of just 30 minutes or some and are typically not considered a great medical concern.

The most definitive symptom of dermatographic urticaria is the characteristic skin writing or raised red lines on the skin; however, a few other symptoms are common. Additional symptoms include swelling, inflammation, hive-like welts, and itching. Symptoms generally occur within mere minutes of the skin being rubbed or scratched and typically last no long than 30 minutes. In rare cases, symptoms develop much more slowly and last many hours to even days.

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List of Remedies for Dermatographic Urticaria