B12 for Depression

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Sandhya (Maui, Hawaii) on 10/29/2014:
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Depression can happen as a result of concussions. Have you hit your head ever? Good luck with the B 12.... you might even try B 12 shots.......

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Alicia319 (Seattle, Wa) on 10/28/2014:
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I have been taking the carbomazapine for depression and anxiety for 9 years. The doctors arent sure if I am bi polar or not the therapist both have said no. I have suffered with major depression for many years over 35 now. I decided to try b12 500 mg it is working great with my medication 250 mg at bedroom and the b12 in the am. they wanted to change my med but I don't want to. Why is the b12 working so well? I feel so much better, I am allergic to many anti depressants.
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