Antidepressants and Vitamin Deficiencies for Depression

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Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 06/12/2013:
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Sorry you are struggling with imbalances... I can relate... Last year I found out a lot of things by trial and error. I was low progesterone and used E..... A brand and it helped me calm down and solved a lot of health issues but then I found out I was low D and the prescription stuff made me ill, heart racing and high blood pressure, couldn't sleep. So went on over the counter D and it helped alot after I got on the maintenance dose of 2K IU a day. Then I realized that when taking D you need magnesium, so I started that and it was amazing. I now use a wide range of supplements and found out I was low thyroid so using some Kelp.

Been over a year since trying this and that and I feel much better. Try to follow your doc's orders since you paid for the advice but if you are too overwhelmed back off. I had to push through discomfort on the D to get my level back up. B and C will make you feel good. Progesterone can cause estrogen receptors to open with temporary estrogen dominant symptoms that can be unpleasant, use low dose 1/8 tsp or less at first , could get acne, bloating, headache, pms, usual estrogen stuff until the cream settles in..... DON'T GIVE UP you will overcome and feel better again. Low mag can also cause TMJ and depression. Blood tests usually don't give accurate mag info so trial and error. I have just been adding a new full spectrum mineral after 6 months of mag and that has been a nice addition. Love, Joy

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