Croup Cough Remedies

What Is Croup?

Typically considered a childhood health concern, croup is the infection of the upper airway that is characterized by obstructed breathing and a distinctive “barking” croup cough. Generally occurring in the fall and winter, croup causes swelling and narrowing of the voice box, windpipe, and the breathing tubes that are connected to the lungs. This swelling and constriction can make breathing difficult for the affected child.

While a croup attack may be scare, it is not typically considered medically serious and can often be treated at home. Often beginning as the “common cold,” croup develops as inflammation and coughing progress. Coughing is typically worse at night and can be provoked by crying, anxiety, and agitation. Additional symptoms include fever, sore throat, hoarse voice, and noisy or labored breathing.

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List of Remedies for Croup