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Vinegar and Honey for Coronavirus

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Carlyn (Oregon) on 10/04/2020:
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Braggs Apple Cider vinegar is what I have been using for many years. It has become quite affordable. Local grocery stores have been caring it for at $5 to $6 a 32z bottle. If you go to the Braggs website they have so much on this amazing product. Hope this helped. Much love and laughter to all who read this :)

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Gabriel (California) on 03/12/2020:
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How to Prevent the Corona Virus Naturally This post will say how to prevent the corona virus naturally using simple foods that anyone can buy in a supermarket. The book is partially based upon the Canon of Medicine's advice during pestilence by Ibn Sina. First id like to mention I have no medical degree. So what is written below is simply what I think and is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. Most of the things below, even if they don't help, hopefully, can't harm.

Most of these advices I double checked with someone who was traditionally trained in Unani(Ancient Greek/Arabic) Medicine in Pakistan. He stated that they are good advice but only God knows how effective they will be.

You will need the following, God willing: Raw Honey Vinegar Squash(the vegetable). Incense And willpower to follow through with a few steps: Honey mixed with vinegar is a classic remedy used in greek medicine (known as oxymel.) Honey is known to be good for coughs. Eat a teaspoon of honey everyday for prevention. Squash/pumpkin/gourd was the vegetable eaten by Jonah when he was sick after being ejected from the whale. It is said that it is good for fevers and coughs. Ibn Sina states to use incense in one's home during times of pestilence to purify the air and to put vinegar in one's foods. [Canon of Medicine] It is known that vinegar protects from lots of things. Quit smoking cigarettes if you smoke. Quit chewing tobacco, or smoking opiates, or anything like that. The provinces where it broke the most in Iran are said to have the highest opiate intake in the world. Quit drinking alcohol if you drink, especially wine. Relax, stay at home.

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