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Ultraviolet Light Therapy for Coronavirus

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Kaycee (Texas) on 05/16/2020:
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What is UBI?

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ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 04/24/2020:
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ORH here,,,,,,,,, interesting that ultraviolet light is now being discussed for COVID 19 because me and my Tractor Driver have been been getting UBI's for the last 10 or 11 years. We start in Oct. and do the procedure monthly until March instead of a flu shot. This year we had one this week. This procedure was done up until the 50's when Anti-biotics came out. 50 cc's of blood are removed and passed twice before an ultraviolet light and re-injected in your arm. The procedure has been modified to add hydrogen peroxide after the first pass and the blood turns from vein purple to brilliant red. This procedure causes your stem cells to produce more white bloods cells to fight off toxins. The effect lasts about 3 months. Toxins cannot build an immunity to this trick as they can with anti-biotics. So the smart alecks that put Trump down for mentioning Ultraviolet Light are the ignorant ones. I would venture to say that few MD's are aware of this once standard medical procedure. Too cheap and too effective. We have once again outsmarted ourselves. ====ORH====
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