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Electricity for Coronavirus

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David (Victoria, Canada ) on 04/03/2020:
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I think you could also use an electric Hulda Clark zapper. They're available on eBay. I used the miracle mineral solution -MMS- but stopped using it after using it for a couple months about 6x/day. It's not toxic at the right dilution, although it did give me diarrhea several times before I quit. It's supposed to not work with strong antioxidants though, as it works by oxidizing, so you can't even take extra vitamin C, or many other foods and drinks - even coffee!

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Greg B. (United States) on 03/18/2020:
5 out of 5 stars

I know unconventional thinking is easily discounted; however, I will provide my anecdotal case. In 2001 I was suffering from several days of 103 fever and incredible headaches and body aches. Tylenol and aspirin did nothing. It continued to get worse over a 10 day period. I believe I had the West Nile virus. I knew a person that had a device that sent extremely low amperage electricity through a person being treated and it used silver electrodes. After one treatment, my headaches were over and for the first time in weeks I was able to sleep, free of pain. I took several more treatments over the next week. The treatments lasted 1 hour an 15 minutes at an intensity that I set for myself. I would turn the dial until my fingers kind of quit working. I recovered from whatever I had. There are websites that talk about the use of electricity to treat a virus and there are websites that talk about the use of silver to treat a virus. As there has never been any clinical evaluation of the treatment I took, I do not know whether it was a placebo or it actually did something to help me. I have the specs for the machine and the electrical current.
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