Natural Remedies for Foot Corns

While sometimes an annoying foot ailment, corns are one of the body’s natural defense mechanisms. Formed to protect sensitive skin, corns usually occur on the tops and sides of the toes. A foot corn is typically a small patch of thick, dead skin; however, soft corns can also form that are thin and between the toes.

What is a Foot Corn?

A foot corn is a common foot condition and is fairly easy to identify. Common symptoms include a patch of thick, rough skin, a hardened or raised bump on the foot, site tenderness or pain, and unusual skin texture, generally flaky, dry, or waxy. Although often confused with calluses, corns and calluses are not the same. Corns are typically much smaller than calluses. Likewise, corns usually have a firm or hard center that is encircled by inflamed skin. Additionally, corns tend to form on non-weight bearing parts of the feet and are typically painful when pressed.

Relatively speaking, corns are most often caused by everyday activity and repetitive action. The pressure and friction on the feet is commonly what causes a foot corn to develop. Factors that contribute to this friction and pressure include ill-fitting shoes and wearing shoes without socks.

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List of Remedies for Corns