Natural Remedies for Corneal Ulcer

Natural Treatments for Itching, Pain, and Vision Issues

A corneal ulcer can present as merely redness in the eye but can evolve into a blister, open wound, or even an infected abscess without treatment. The cornea is that clear layer of epithelial cells over the pupil and iris. An ulcer of the cornea may or may not present symptoms of pain or itchiness, but inflammation, tearing, and changes in vision including light sensitivity are fairly standard; and in cases caused by bacterial infection the side effects can include blindness within a day or two if the corneal ulcer is left untreated.

Also known as ulcerative keratitis, a corneal ulcer can be the result of a cornea abrasion or it may be an infectious corneal ulcer due to bacterial infiltration of the corneal lens. Either may cause an immune response (like a blister) wherein the body fills the area between the cornea and the rest of the eye with fluids to protect the inner eye and address an infection.

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List of Remedies for Corneal Ulcer