Corn Syrup Side Effects

What Is Corn Syrup and What Are Its Side Effects?

With the present increase in obesity and weight related health concerns including diabetes, doctors, health experts, nutritionists, and health conscious individuals are attempting to do everything they can to combat the current state of society’s overall health. That being said, one specific item that has come under attack is corn syrup – a sweet syrup made by pressing the syrup out of corn kernels. In essence, the molecular composition of corn syrup is much like that of regular table sugar; however, as corn is a readily available crop, corn syrup is typically a more cost effective option for manufacturers and is often used as a sweetener in sodas, fruit-flavored drinks, and other processed foods and treats.

While there is insufficient research to suggest that the body processes corn syrup any differently than regular sugar the real problem lays in the “hidden sugar” that corn syrup often is. The greater one’s intake of sugar, the higher the number of empty calories consumed and the greater the risk of related health issues. Likewise, corn syrup has been linked to a number of additional side effects. A few of the more obvious issues associated with corn syrup consumption include obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, high cholesterol and increased risk of heart attack and heart disease. Additionally, regular consumption of corn syrup may lead to anemia, weakened immune system, fatigue, mood swing and suppressed metabolism. Particularly sensitive individuals may also experience lightheadedness or headaches and bowel issues.

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List of Remedies for Corn Syrup Side Effects