Green Tea With Ginger for Circulation, Poor

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Stan (USA) on 01/13/2008:
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The first time we tried ginger for my wife's DVT and my cold feet, we bought gingerbased pills from the Health Shop with marking"circulation". This time I bought 200g of crushed ginger from the Korean shop and diluted it to make 1.5 litres. This 1.5 l was used with about 9 or 10 litres of green tea - enough to taste the ginger but not to cause a burning sensation. Blessings on your Earth Clinic Endeavour Stan
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Stan (Auckland, New Zealand) on 01/06/2008:
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My wife developed post-surgery DVT. acutely clogged circulation from the foot to the thigh. After 3 months of medical attention (and advice that she would have to live with it!), I suggested that she follow my ginger advice to at least improve circulation. At the same time I tried it for my chronic cold feet. Within 10 days things improved and she can now travel by plane without swollen feet! I was on 12 m of therapy for hypertension-Norvasc when its known side -effect of oedema became acute. In less than a week off N. but drinking green tea with ginger I was back to norma l(Green tea is also proven to ameliorate hypertension).
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