Diatomaceous Earth for High Cholesterol

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Art (California) on 05/28/2020:
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A popular search is for remedies that can lower high cholesterol.

Diatomaceous Earth is very effective at lowering high cholesterol. Even at lower dosing, but a tablespoon per day dosing is quite effective and fairly fast. This allows you to completely avoid the statins which are well established to create new health problems.

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Art (California ) on 07/03/2016:
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If you have high cholesterol and high triglycerides but want to avoid statins, then according to the abstract below, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth may be a reasonable alternative. It has worked very well for me, but I am taking significantly more than what was used in this study. I did not get the increased HDL cholesterol benefit mentioned in the study, but my LDL and triglycerides stay about in the middle of the normal range with no special diet now.

The dosage they used in the study is the smallest I have ever seen mentioned for people. I started out at one heaping tablespoon in a cup of water in the morning and one heaping tablespoon in a cup of water in the evening for a total of two heaping tablespoons of Food Grade DE per day for two weeks. I now take DE only once a day first thing in the morning at one heaping teaspoon and that is my maintenance dose.

The fact that the study got good results with just a total of 750 mg/day divided into to three separate doses throughout the day lets me know that I can probably get by with significantly less DE as a maintenance dose. Compared to other things like ACV, the taste is much more tolerable and mild. The cost is very low if purchased in containers of 20 pounds or more. At my current dose a 20 lb bag will last for many years and costs less than $25 delivered to my door. It's even cheaper if you can get it from a farm supply. Just be sure it is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and nothing else. DE is purported to have other health benefits also. Another benefit is that if I go on vacation and forget my DE, no problem as the effects last awhile. In the study they said the benefits were still present after 4 weeks of no DE. Do a little research and see what you think.Here is the abstract and remember to get your doctor's approval and supervision before trying DE.


Eur J Med Res. 1998 Apr 8;3(4):211-5.
Diatomaceous earth lowers blood cholesterol concentrations.
PubMed Abstract

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Toni (Oregon) on 02/03/2016:
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My cholesterol was high enough that my doctor wanted to put me on 40mg of Zorcor (?). She told me that it would make every muscle in my body ache and recommended CoQ10 for relieving that. I told her that if it was taking that kind of toll on my body it was hurting me. She said, "The risk of not taking it is worse than the risk if you do."

It's a long story how I stumbled upon Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth, but I found a study done on 60 people (which is a very tiny study) that said that people who took 1 heaping Tablespoon of Diatomaceous Earth in water one time a day had their cholesterol halved in 30 days and within normal limits in 60. I told the doctor I wanted to do an experiment for three weeks. She agreed.

In those three weeks what I discovered is that it doesn't taste as bad if you use more water. Initially I had about 1/4 cup of water (the thought being it would be quicker to get down) and now use about 3/4 cup, take a heaping tablespoon of the stuff and dissolve it and chug it down. I'm totally serious here, I tried everything to get the taste out of my mouth...rinsing with water, my coffee etc. The best thing is to take a mouthful (just a sip) of Muscato wine. Takes the taste right away. I have a little bottle that I use.

Within three weeks my Cholesterol dropped from 310 to 240. It is now within normal limits. I've spread the word and several of my friends have had the same result. To buy it, if you have an animal feed store nearby, you can get a 20lb bag of the stuff for about $10...a lifetime supply :) I don't recommend the Organic kind sold on Amazon. First, its super expensive compared to the farm store. Second, two people I know had larve come out of them (bug worms) and when they switched to my kind they didn't. The Larve won't hurt you, but YUCK. So just get regular FOOD GRADE (that's important) Diatomaceous earth.

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