Charcot's Joint - Neuropathy Treatment

What Is Charcot's Joint Disease?

Named for the French neurologist Jean-Marie Charcot who discovered the disease in 1868, Charcot’s joint disease is a chronic degenerative disease of the joints. A progressive disease, Charcot’s joint is characterized by swelling and inflammation, unsteadiness of the joint, hemorrhage, and changes in the bone itself. As such, the disease is also known as neuropathic arthropathy.

The symptoms associated with the disease are distinctly linked with the actual description of the disease. Symptoms include inflammation in the joints, internal blood loss, warmth or heat felt in the joints, cartilage destruction and change in the bone structure. While pain in the joints is experienced, it is typically less severe than might be expected when viewing the actual damage in the joint. The damaged joint is often described as “boggy” or swollen.

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List of Remedies for Charcot's Joint