Lemon Cleanse for Cancer

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Haler (West Coast, Usa) on 05/22/2012
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Late-60's age Nurse I met had 2 cancer diagnoses as a young woman, chemo, and surgery. After 5 years another cancer diagnosed, she chose holistic cure 'Lemon Cleansing' which cured her. Cleansing yearly, she is cancer free 8 years now. No more chemo, no more surgeries, no more ill health. Any patients at the hospital also cure. Be sure to eat well while cleansing. Eating less is ok if you aren't hungry. Keep to fresh foods, not processed. This cleanse gives NO stomach sickness or lip acid blisters.

DOSAGE: Fresh squeeze lemon juice amount as instructed into 12 oz water and drink it. Do this 3 times daily. Add 1-2 drops olive oil per glassful to prevent possible sting or burn of toxins during bathroom use - all will pass without runs or discomfort to body or skin. Drinking more water between doses helps wash out more toxins. Day 1 squeeze 1 lemon in 12 oz water. Do 3 times that day (total 3 lemons used). Day 2 squeeze 2 lemons each of 3 glasses (6 total), Day 3 is 9 lemons, Day 4 is 12, Day 5 is 15, Day 6 is 18, Day 7 is 21. Then decrease, Day 8 total 18, Day 9 total 15, Day 10 total 12, Day 11 total 9, Day 12 total 6, Day 13 total 3 lemons.

If this seems like a lot of water and lemon juice, here is the calculation: Total water: 3. 65USgallons (or 12oz water X 3 glasses per day X 13 days = 468 oz = 3.65USgallons). Total lemon juice: 1.72USgallons (or 3 Tbsp lemon juice X 147 lemons = 441 Tbsp or US 1.72 gallons). Total fluid consumed is 5.37USgallons, over 13 days.

Once detoxed in this way, obey when you thirst or hunger. Your body is newly cleansed. Take good care of it with good food, rest, and exercise.