Essiac, Turmeric, Famotidine, Diphenhydramine for Cancer

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wynnye (Texas) on 01/29/2023:
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in June of 2022 I took my older dog, Ruby to the vet because I thought she had ingested something in the garage left by the handy man. on x-raying her stomach, the vet found a tumor on her spleen. upon further x-ray, looking to see if the cancer had spread to other organs, multiple lesions were found on her lungs (odd, I thought, since she had no coughing, shortness of breath, low energy, etc). but I saw the lesions on the x-ray. the Vet gave her 2 months at the outside. I took her home and did a little research. I started her on diphenhydramine 25mg twice a day with famotadine 10mg twice a day (I looked up the dosages online, according to her weight). The same with Essiac Tea, also by weight, twice a day. and Turmeric by weight, again twice a day. It is now January 2023 and she is going strong, energy, no symptoms!
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