Oil Pulling for Blood Poisoning

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Deb Curtis (Rancho Cordova, Ca) on 12/01/2016:
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Oil pulling is usually used to extract toxins from your teeth and mouth, but since your teeth are gateways to your organs and your oral skin is very absorbent, it's a great way to administer healing elixers or remove toxins.

Take about a tablespoon or so of room temp organic coconut oil. place it in your mouth and let it liquify. DO NOT SWALLOW!! Swish the oil very gently in your mouth for as long as you can stand it (15-20 minutes is best) but however long you can do it. Then spit it out into a tissue and into the trash can (cooled oil can eventually clog your drains).

The oil pulls toxins from your system and it's a great preventative for everyone to do every day BEFORE you brush your teeth... just like dry brushing your skin to remove toxins before you take a shower.

If you are very toxic, Oil pull 3-5 times per day brushing teeth with non fluoride tooth paste afterward and dry brush your skin every day. Also eliminate any new toxins from food, water, pollution, etc.

Check into essential oil uses, cleansing herbal teas and nourishing bone broths to help recover.

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K Ndra (Haiku, Hawaii) on 08/01/2016:
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Oil pulling helped my sick blood. Helped my blood clear out poisons after being sickened by pesticides.
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