Epsom Salt Poultices for Blood Poisoning

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Jane (Richland, Washington) on 08/06/2014:
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Agreed on the epsom salt hot packs for possible blood poisoning. My Mother did that when she saw the line running upward toward the heart and said it was deadly. She did that many times for me. I was bare foot and fancy free. Such a simple remedy.

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Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 02/07/2009:
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Marc (Jacksonville, Fl) on 02/04/2009: "possible blood poisoning. I scratched my arm with a piece of metal about a week ago. Now in that area it is swollen and red. I have my tetanus shot, what will bring the swelling down, and heal my arm?"

Hello Marc,

If you haven't gotten started on that swelling/redness by now, run, don't walk to the nearest Dollar Tree or such and get a 2 lb. carton of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) and start doing hot epsom salts compresses 4 times a day to take care of it.

Mix it about 1/4 cup per quart of water as hot as you can stand to wring the cloth out without burning your hands.

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