Dr. Marik Protocol for Blood Poisoning

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Nonnie (Canada) on 07/29/2019:
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Dr. Mercola wrote an article about sepsis a few years back regarding Dr. Marik's protocol. Here is the link: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2017/04/05/vitamin-c-b1-hydrocortisone-reduce-sepsis-mortality.aspx

Dr. Paul Marik's protocol is a combination of:

1) Intravenous vitamin C 1.5 grams every 6 hour until ICU discharge

2) Intravenous vitamin B-1( thiamine) 200 mg every 12 hour until ICU discharge

3) Hydrocortisone (low-dose) 50 mg every 6 hour until ICU discharge followed by a taper over 3 days

Here is a YouTube (posted July 1, 2019) about Dr. Marik (the person interviewed in the Mercola article): Sepsis, Coma, Emergency/ICU Patients: DEMAND your doctor for Dr. Marik's VITAMIN C Protocol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm30M0y8yJw

Press the "show more" link under the description. There is information for doctors who want the research behind it.

As for garlic, make sure it is organic. The regular garlic found in supermarkets can be irradiated which destroys the health benefits of the garlic.

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Sylvia (New York) on 07/24/2017:
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I know this post is very late, but this is for anyone else who may need the cure for sepsis aka blood poisoning.

There is a Dr. In Norfolk Virginia that has used a natural cure for sepsis in a hospital there. His name is Dr. Paul Marik.

He uses a combination of vitamin c, hydrocortisone and thiamine in an IV.

Even though it has not really been tested that much he has used it even on patients that he expected to die and they survived well. The hospital has adopted the protocol and used it to save, last I heard, 150 people's lives!! There are YouTube videos, check them out! God Bless!

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