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Tetanus Recovery Remedies

Ron (USA) on 02/09/2024
5 out of 5 stars

My approach to treating my own Tetanus, symptoms, and associated blood poisoning.

None of the following is medical advice. Purely my story and what I did to save my life.

If you’re in a rush, scroll down to the section titled: “The Protocol” . However, due to the confusing and conflicting information out there about Tetanus, reading the entire post is worth while.


One summer I did contract Tetanus from rust on a relative’s vehicle introduced to my bloodstream. I was working underneath the vehicle, rolling about in piles of rust. The corrosion was so bad that hammering on the suspension saw mounds of rust forming about the ground beneath. Bug bites, glass shards, and rust all can introduce Tetani bacteria to the human body if the wound is not cleaned right away. I got a metal needle that fell out from the wire brush I was using to clean rust, work it’s way up my shorts as I rolled around on the ground working - and when I rolled over again I pressed it to just barely puncture into my tissue. I didn’t clean the wound that night. I had zero symptoms other than the wound seemed oddly to not want to disappear for how tiny it was.

7 days later it had incubated long enough to suddenly start swelling the area and spreading a patch of red up my body from the area. My lymph nodes nearby swelled up. It became very painful to walk on that leg. These symptoms persisted and worsened for 5 weeks. My left leg was the wound area, but the right leg began to lose it’s motor skills as well, and my pelvis was so painful that even if I were strong enough to walk, it hurt too bad. I was bedridden many days, the pain was so bad. The muscular spasms/paralysis set in on week 2 and worsened until week 5’s end. They moved into my lower back and upper back, shoulders and eventually my jaw – as is classic with Tetanus. I felt like needles were constantly pricking me all over, and I could tell my blood was just full of trash. My brain felt toxic. Classic sepsis / blood poisoning symptoms.

I halted and reversed the symptoms temporarily several times utilizing the protocol described below. Ultimately, my body fought off the infection without antibiotics or medical treatment. I probably saved my own life. 3 phone calls to licensed medical facilities yielded a confirmation that I indeed had Tetanus, based on my symptoms. No test needed, no test available anyways. I was told there is no test for tetanus, by medical professionals. I was also informed that the anti-toxin must be administered within a few days after the infection begins. It was week 3 by the time I became afraid for my life and called. Therefore antibiotics were the only treatment at that point. Many licensed physicians claim tetanus shots do nothing to help a patient already infected with tetanus, so I discounted that too – but also because I disagree with certain deadly ingredients used in vaccines. The medical staff I spoke to mirrored this opinion, saying it probably isn’t an option.

The 3 facilities I called all tried to send me to an emergency room. I tested their patience asking why I should waste money on that as an uninsured person who will just be prescribed antibiotics at this point anyways. One facility agreed to allow me to come in for discounted treatment at a smaller Urgent Care facility, to look at antibiotics. I just needed to secure this option as a last hope; I never went because I have healed many illnesses before using methods successfully practiced thousands of years by native peoples alongside reaching to touch the divine for healing. I wanted to try doing this myself. So I chose to research how the native peoples in various countries healed tetanus. Feel free to fact check all my research- it should all be valid – but

Here is what I found:


Tetanus is a bacteria that enters through bug bite or metal / glass puncture wounds and incubates 3-21 days after wound but mostly by day 14. There is no test for tetanus in modern medicine currently. There was an antitoxin that if administered within a few days could halt the infection, but it has a 20% chance to cause death. The newer anti-toxin has a chance to cause death still; but it is apparently much lower than the old anti toxin. Tetanus cases recorded in the USA are fewer than 50 per year, according to data I found – though I believe it is much higher. Tetanus shots do not cure tetanus. Tetanus works by attacking the brain and nervous system. It damages axial nerves responsible for coordination in the motor skills control area of the brain. Thus causing ataxia, and convulsions, spasm, cramps. From the site of the bite or puncture, the bacteria moves into the surrounding lymph nodes where the body tries to keep it stored from spreading. The colonies produce from here and send bacteria into the bloodstream. Therefore, not only are treatments for the central nervous system / neurotoxins are needed, but also lymph / skin infection cleansers, and blood / bacteria cleansers. Some of the following herbs perform two or all three functions:


Herbal treatments used by natives are very large doses, very frequently, 5-8 times a day, for treatment of Tetanus

Philippines & Chinese natives used large doses of whole Mangosteen including rind and seed – to treat malaria, and bacterial infections – and have specifically used it successfully for Tetanus victims.

Ancient Chinese medicine used Bai Shao (Root of White Peony Flower) for fever related with Tetanus (Japanese modern scientist have also studied White Peony to treat real Tetanus cases with success adjunct to other medicines). Also indicated by medical research archives to successfully treat muscle spasm and cramps.

Ancient Chinese also used Tian Ma (Gastrodia Elata plant) – for it’s anti-convulsant power via interaction with the central nervous system. To keep the muscles from seizing up in Tetanus. Also a lymph / skin infection cure.

Turmeric is indicated for bacterial blood poisoning in India with Ancient Ayurvedic medicine, and the American government has studies published in medicine that it proves effective in halting the neuro-paralysis of tetanus toxin in infected humans.

Ginger – a blood, and lymph cleanser used by many cultures

Sodium Ascorbate form Vitamin C – Vitamin C in various forms including fruit has been used across the globe in large doses to cure deadly infections of various sorts including catching sepsis early on.

Native Americans and early settlers of Northern America used large doses of Skullcap to effectively keep mad dog disease / rabies (another form of sepsis/blood poisoning like tetanus essentially) at bay in people and some dogs bitten by infected animals – long enough for the symptoms to subside permanently – alongside other herbs of course.

Magnesium – internally and externally for the muscle pain and cramps

Curare and Parrot Flower herbs are used for tetanus in South America, though I didn’t use these. ParrotFlower is difficult to source… And I didn’t yet know about Curare back then

Some doctors in other countries inject their patients with Carbolic acid several times a day for a period of days until symptoms subside and found it effectively cures tetanus. I did not find a doctor who offered this.

There is a patent filed in 1994 for a Tetanus medicine with a 98% cure rate by the Chinese made up of 6 ingredients found in nature: – Jujube tree bark, xanthium fruit (mangosteen), Gastrodia tuber(TianMa), ledebouriella root, arisaema tuber, Calculus Bovis (dried gallstones of cattle).

One thing all the above (mostly) have in common is they can get to the brain where the bacteria is. They all act on the nervous system in some way whether directly crossing the Blood Brain Barrier or indirectly in ways I am unaware of.


I sourced all my ingredients on amazon via 1 day shipping to get them as fast as possible. Some I had here already

I being a 30 year old 130 lb / 56 kg man used the following protocol, dosed 5 times a day minimum, or more as needed:

Boil a pot of water

Add the following to a glass/ceramic dosing cup

  • 1 tbsp turmeric powder
  • 1 tsp sodium ascorbate vitamin C powder
  • 1/4 tsp of ginger power
  • 3 drops magnesium chloride liquid (50/50 magnesium chloride crystals and water)
  • 1 Dropper full of Tian Ma / Gastrodia extract liquid
  • 1 Dropper full of Bai Shao / White Peony extract liquid

Pour about 1 to 2 oz of hot water into the herbs and stir.

Let cool enough to drink

With the drink I took 1 mangosteen extract pill

And 1 skullcap extract pill

Massaged magnesium oil topically into my jaw, and lower back and various areas where cramps were intolerable

The doses may seem high, but – they needed to be. Any less wasn’t effective enough. A word on the bad rep herbalism gets from the general public opinion: Most people aren’t aware that it requires large, frequent dosing to really cure an illness with herbs. And, that information is generally made inaccessible, if not outright suppressed. Bear in mind native people have been literally curing diseases with plants for 100s of years. It is an innocent yet ignorant arrogance to just discount that history in favor of a new experimental system of chemical medicine that is still well – mostly experimental.

Other important things I included in my protocol at least once a day were:

I ordered a tube of ivermectin horse wormer online becaused I researched that the Japanese use ivermectin for 100s of infections illnesses and the like – not just for parasite control. It is indicated in killing lyme bacteria in the blood and brain – and I am aware Lyme disease is similar to sepsis when left untreated. I took an amount of paste the size of a pencil eraser once a day. All tubes sold in stores typically have the same % concentration of ivermectin regardless of brand.

I also made sure to get my body moving even though my axial nerves were so damaged I could hardly trot let alone jog like I used to. I walked in the sun and sat in the sunlight as long as I could.

I also was home from work the entire month of the infection

I took several full body epsom salt baths using approx 1 cup epsom salt to as hot of water as possible.

I continuously tried using charcoal and clay poultices on the wound to keep it clean. I continued to apply antiseptic like alcohol and iodine to it, though treating the wound didn’t seem to help beyond just relieving pain.

Baking soda paste and aloe vera seemed to greatly help with the pain on the direct wound

Made myself eat as much animal meat as I could to nourish my muscles and tissue during the carnage. Eggs in particular are steroidogenic and stimulate tissue regrowth in all systems of the body.

I slept as often as I could.

I prayed to my higher power and called on the spirit of the herbs for help, and expressed my gratitude each time I made a new herbal drink.

On week 4 I was greatly overcoming the illness after just 7 days of dosing the herbs. Relief was immediate upon each dose. I found I could go about 2-3 hours after a dose feeling almost entirely normal and spasm free. That’s how I knew to dose again, when the spasm and paralysis / pain returned.

On week 5 I decided to add Ivermectin once a day alongside the protocol. To be honest, I believe this is what eliminated the disease. I cant say for sure if it would have been effective by itself. If I had to do it all over again, I’d take the herbs AND the Ivermectin. I just remember the Ivermectin pretty much killing the infection overnight. So I took the entire tube until it was gone, and bought 2 more tubes to dose daily well past week 6 when I was fully healed.

For reference; if you’re going to survive Tetanus, doctors say end of week 6 to week 8 is when it about runs it’s course naturally.

Also, I pulled my youth vaccine records. I had a tetanus shot and 4 boosters over a 6 year period. But my last booster was around age 9 or 10 – that was 20 years ago. According to medicine in USA, it’s better than nothing, but considered not effective in preventing Tetanus unless you get a booster every 10 basically aren’t protected at all. So, do with that information what you will: But I believe those booster shots helped mitigate the severity of the disease.

Though, I would, personally just teach my offspring to clean wounds properly and personally not give them 4 tetanus boosters after the 1st shot. And I would use various things like sea kelp and magnesium and charcoal to get the toxic metals out of my offspring’s body by dosing them as an aborbant prior to and following the administration of such a vaccine. UK ministry of medicine officially acknowledges sea kelp (spirulina and chlorella) when used in a multiple ascending dose format, with large amounts of cilantro at the peak, and then descending dose format - as a form of highly effective and gentle non harmful chelation of most toxic metals including aluminum and mercury (both found in most vaccines). Although, that documentation has since been censored from the internet and I can no longer source it until I find it in my archive.

Again none of this is medical advice, purely just me sharing my journey.


Conjecture on efficacy of tetanus shots before or during an infection:

Gastrodia (Tian Ma)

Peony Flower (Bai Shao)

Mangosteen (Xanthium fruit)

Curcumin (Turmeric)

Carbolic Acid

More misc. info

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Melatonin for Sepsis and Organ Failure

Art (California) on 05/15/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Melatonin and Major Organ Protection in Sepsis and Multiple Organ Failure:

I have often written about melatonin on Earth Clinic and spoken of its multitude of health benefits for people. One thing that I have often mentioned is that melatonin is protective of the major organs of the body such as the heart, lungs ,kidneys, and liver to name a few.

A new study (May 6, 2023) was just published discussing the use of various antioxidants in people who have sepsis. Sepsis is an extreme uncontrolled response by the body to infection and is life threatening with death as a frequent outcome. Prior to death, multiple organ failure (MOF) can occur and adds significantly to the death rate. It is thought that antioxidants may help improve sepsis outcomes and that is what the following randomized clinical trial sets out to prove or disprove, whether antioxidants can reduce MOF associated with sepsis :

In this study, they used the following four very common antioxidants, NAC, vitamin C, vitamin E, melatonin or no antioxidant in the patient groups with sepsis and MOF to try and determine if these antioxidants would have any benefit in terms of reducing MOF. Of note is that this was a good sized study with 131 patients. Here is an important quote from the study that clearly suggests that antioxidants have potential to significantly reduce MOF :

' In this study, we found that patients with septic shock had a high SOFA ( Sequential Organ Failure Assessment) score on admission to the ICU. They had high PCT and CRP levels, elevated LPO and carbonylation, and decreased TAC. These variables were compensated by the treatment with antioxidants. '

In this study, it was shown that the melatonin group obtained the highest decrease in the SOFA score (75% of the patients). Here is a study quote that shows the response rate to each of the four antioxidants in terms of SOFA score reduction :

' All patients had multiple organ failure (MOF) and low Vit C levels. Vit C therapy decreased CRP, PCT and NO3-/NO2- but increased Vit C levels. The SOFA score decreased with MT in 75%, Vit C 63% and NAC 50% vs. controls 33% (p = 0.0001, p = 0.03 and p = 0.001 respectively). MT diminished lipid peroxidation (LPO) (p = 0.01) and improved total antioxidant capacity (TAC) (p = 0.04). Vit E increased thiol levels (p = 0.02) and tended to decrease LPO (p = 0.06). Selenium levels were decreased in the control group (p = 0.04). '

The following study quote will give a little more perspective in relationship to the dosages used for each antioxidant :

' In addition to the standard therapy, each group of patients received an antioxidant orally or by nasoenteral tube for 5 days. In the NAC group, 600 mg effervescent tablets were administered every 12 h; in the MT group, extended-release capsules of 50 mg in a daily dose were administered; in the Vit C group, 1 g tablets every 6 h and in the Vit E group, capsules α-tocopherol of 400 IU were given every 8 h.'

So the NAC group received 1200 mg total per day in two divided doses given every 12 hours. The melatonin group received one 50 mg extended release capsule per day. The vitamin C group received 4000 mg per day in 4 divided doses of 1000 mg every 6 hours. The vitamin E group received 1200 IU in three divided doses of 400 IU every 8 hours.

So while melatonin reduced the SOFA score in the most patients (75% of patients in melatonin group) the highest percent of these four antioxidants, it did so at the lowest dose given in this study at just 50 mg per day. This illustrates the potency of melatonin when compared to the other three antioxidants and begs the question of what the SOFA score would have looked like had they used a dose of 100 mg or 200 mg of melatonin per day. Even at these higher doses, melatonin would still have the lowest dose compared to the other antioxidants. In the realm of high dose melatonin, 50 mg per day would not be very high. I take 132 mg per day of melatonin myself and have taken high dose melatonin for many years as a preventative and protective agent against many different diseases and health issues.

Another consideration is the fact that vitamin C and melatonin have different methods of action suggesting potential synergy between these two common and inexpensive antioxidants. What would it look like in this study if they had had a sixth leg to the study that combined vitamin C and melatonin? Or what if they used all four antioxidants combined in the patients?

So the point of all of this is to highlight just how good melatonin and antioxidants in general are at protecting the major organs under high oxidative stress conditions that are very damaging to the organs as seen in sepsis. Not just one organ, but multiple organs all at the same time! This study successfully helps to add further corroboration to what I have been saying about the organ protective effects of melatonin and also gives a basic idea of what dose of melatonin (50 mg) is needed in order to obtain these organ protective results. The question remains, what is the most optimal dose to obtain these protective effects of melatonin, but studies are slowly zeroing in on that currently unknown dose. Clearly 50 mg per day of melatonin has very significant benefit in sepsis induced multiple organ failure (MOF), but is it optimal?

Lastly, but also importantly, this study highlights a noninvasive way to effectively deal with MOF as it relates to sepsis, which has clearly shown it can be deadly as discussed in the following link : to an epidemiological study, or multiple system organ failure.

As shown in the above link, worldwide, Sepsis affects 18 million people each year and kills 1400 people each day! This study clearly illustrates that sepsis affects 700,000 people in the US alone. Sepsis also has a mortality rate of 30%, but when you add in MOF to the sepsis, that rate jumps upward significantly to 50%!

This next study ( 2022 ) adds a bit more confirmation to the idea that melatonin may have benefit in sepsis associated MOF.

The above link says that melatonin is associated with a reduced risk of death in sepsis. It further states that evidence suggests that melatonin may help protect organs from sepsis related damage. The study further goes on to list many of the protective effects that melatonin has shown in many areas of the organs of the human body. The study goes on to reach the following conclusion and I make the same conclusion :

'Melatonin is a promising adjuvant for the treatment of sepsis, as it can protect organs by reducing inflammation, oxidation, endoplasmic reticulum stress, and apoptosis as well as protecting mitochondrial function and regulating various other pathways. The safety and minimal side effects of oral melatonin should encourage clinicians to consider melatonin therapy for patients with severe sepsis and septic shock.'

I think these studies and many more should encourage doctors to start using melatonin where it has already shown benefit such as these studies show for sepsis and multiple organ failure. The existing treatments are clearly insufficient for the task at hand as proven by the significant death rate and melatonin has shown significant benefit at dosing that is already known to be relatively safe.


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Potato Poultice for Blood Poisoning

James (NSW) on 06/22/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Potato for Blood Poisoning - Yes absolutely works well,

The Potato Poultice cured my mom's infection in her foot completely in 5 days, prior to starting, the infection had spread up her leg and turned into cellulitus, the potato poultice freshly applied daily cured her completely.

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Vitamin C Infusion for Septicemia

Michael (New Zealand) on 06/01/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Septicemia Treatment

Hello All!

I hope you are well.

I have just this minute been advised that someone over there in Australia had been treated for septicemia by many doctors for a long time with no result until a new doctor decided to give the patient an infusion (maybe several?) of Vitamin C and that made all the difference!


Any profound thoughts on this subject?

Cheers from (the other) Down Under

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Sue (PA, USA) on 01/20/2020
5 out of 5 stars

The article asked if I had ever used a natural remedy to treat sepsis. Yes. I have used garlic tea enemas successfully to treat sepsis.

Irene (Windsor ontario canada) on 09/13/2019

Two years ago I had sepsis poisoning. I almost passed away. This last year I have inflammation in stomach. Cannot take pills because of pain and puking. I have e coli every month returning. I have been on liquid antibiotic meds each time called certifiable l gm for seven days. Infection clears only to come back again. Drs can't seem to help. I am feeling very ill with no energy and too much anxiety. Please can you help me I can't keep doing this. I just want to be well I also have cystitis so painful
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Nonnie (Canada) on 07/29/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Mercola wrote an article about sepsis a few years back regarding Dr. Marik's protocol. Here is the link:

Dr. Paul Marik's protocol is a combination of:

1) Intravenous vitamin C 1.5 grams every 6 hour until ICU discharge

2) Intravenous vitamin B-1( thiamine) 200 mg every 12 hour until ICU discharge

3) Hydrocortisone (low-dose) 50 mg every 6 hour until ICU discharge followed by a taper over 3 days

Here is a YouTube (posted July 1, 2019) about Dr. Marik (the person interviewed in the Mercola article): Sepsis, Coma, Emergency/ICU Patients: DEMAND your doctor for Dr. Marik's VITAMIN C Protocol

Press the "show more" link under the description. There is information for doctors who want the research behind it.

As for garlic, make sure it is organic. The regular garlic found in supermarkets can be irradiated which destroys the health benefits of the garlic.

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Re: Septicemia

Sylvia (New York) on 07/24/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I know this post is very late, but this is for anyone else who may need the cure for sepsis aka blood poisoning.

There is a Dr. In Norfolk Virginia that has used a natural cure for sepsis in a hospital there. His name is Dr. Paul Marik.

He uses a combination of vitamin c, hydrocortisone and thiamine in an IV.

Even though it has not really been tested that much he has used it even on patients that he expected to die and they survived well. The hospital has adopted the protocol and used it to save, last I heard, 150 people's lives!! There are YouTube videos, check them out! God Bless!

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Liposomal Vit C for Sepsis and Necrotising Fasciitis

Toni (Uk ) on 06/13/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I was recently lay in hospital at death's door with sepsis and necrotising fasciitis. I was told it is rare to get it but even more so to survive. Large amounts of flesh were removed resulting in massive wounds.

During my recovery I took 2 sachets of Liposomal vitamin c a day. I am diabetic I.e. By all means should be a slow healer and I am in my sixties.

The consultant who specialises in wounds told me he had worked in this field for 30 years and had never seen anyone heal as fast as me. I do not see myself as super woman, I most defiantly put this down to the Liposomal vitamin C.

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Oil Pulling Helped Poisoning from Pesticides

K Ndra (Haiku, Hawaii) on 08/01/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Oil pulling helped my sick blood. Helped my blood clear out poisons after being sickened by pesticides.
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Friend In Hospital With 2nd Round Of Sepsis

Heidi (Usa) on 01/13/2014

Sepsis: My friend is in the hospital with toxic blood and the doctors are giving her a 60% chance of survival. She always died last year around this time of the same thing. Once she leaves the hospital, what are some natural remedies I can recommend for her. When I think of toxic blood, juicing beets comes to mind- but I don't want to tell her wrong. Any suggestions??

Potato for Infection

Deb (Nantucket, Ma) on 12/08/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for this wonderful site. I'm just using it now for earache but want to share my potato story as I've found the personal commentaries so helpful.

Last summer, I stepped on a scallop shell (on our street) & within a few days was limping and in pain with a 1 inch gash in my heel. A few days later, my husband noticed 2 4-inch long red streaks running up my leg from my heel. I had begun to experience sharp stabbing pains as well.

Since I haven't had an antibiotic in 20 years & see a naturopathic doctor as my primary physician, I wasn't anxious to go to the ER (it was also a weekend) but knew I needed help; sepsis is very real... I found your site & since I had some organic yukon gold potatos called my auntie who confirmed my grandmother used to use crushed potato to draw out boils. I decided to give it a try.

I chopped finely a potato, packed it onto the wound, wrapped w/ Saran wrap, elevated my leg/foot & lay down to focus on healing. My husband photographed my foot at intervals thruout the day. (Well-intentioned neighbors were waiting to drive me to the ER. )

Within hours the red streaks had begun their retreat & the sharp stabbing pains literally "rounded" over. I was very much present w/ this journey. Within 6 hours, the red streaks were gone completely!! I changed the potato 3 - 4 times over the course of the day/night & by morning, the layers of my foot had turned outward. I wish I could put the photos on this site. It was truly remarkable.

One word of caution: Potato juice stains are challenging to remove from fabrics so just make sure you have an old sheet or towel under the site of the potato....!!

I've told SO many people about your site & so many people witnessed first hand the amazing healing property of the simple potato that day... My neighbors thought I was crazy at first! Thank you for providing this forum... It's truly a gift & how we can keep alive these old home remedies. They WORK!

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Ted's Remedy for Septicemia

Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 11/10/2011
5 out of 5 stars

In reply to:

Posted by Jackie (Knysna) on 11/10/2011:

Ted, please help... my friend literally has hours to live. She has septicemia/blood poisoning and is in a coma. She has suffered lupus for 15 years. Please give your advice urgently.... can I give her DMSO and how much? This is a last effort and I know it it is a long shot. PLEASE HELP.

Get clove oil spray 5% the other 95% is alcohol, or similar. Spray the body with this, legs etc. Give colloidal silver 1 teaspoon every hour. Give hydrogen peroxide 3% one cap to two capful of per liter of water, and give 1/2 glass every hour. After 6th dose most of septicemia will be under control.

You can give any hydrogen peroxide 3% in this dire emergency, such as pharmacy grade. Aspirin is usually good choice also it digests these septicemia.

If fever does not reduce by 3 hours, I will be forced to give 500 mg of aspirin every hour for 4 hours. It works like antibiotics by digestion. The other is lysine every hour for four hours also. These can be given at the same time. So one can do all of it -- h2o2, aspirin, lysine, and clove -- if you want.


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Heated Clay for Infection

Elizabeth (Wolfville, Ns Canada) on 06/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Before antibiotics, we had boils (staph infections) and my mother would get Antiflogistene at the drug store (a clay like product ) heat a handful in boiling water and apply it as hot as we could stand and keep it on as long as it was hot. The heat would draw out the infection. One time the doctor came and stuck little pointed scissors into the boil which was on my eyebrow and then opened them to let the matter out. I will never forget that pain!

Use heat for that kind of infection, but be careful not to let it get worse. It is serious to have blood poisoning.

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Bread Poultice for Blood Poisoning

Paul (Midland, Ontario) on 12/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

When I was nine, I stepped on a rusty nail while at summer camp. I didn't tell anyone and by the time I got home my foot was sore. The next morning I woke to find that a red streak had appeared all the way up my inner thigh almost to my groin. We had no health insurance at the time and my mother (God bless her) took me down to the kitchen where she pulled out a bag of dried bread loaf ends that were being saved for turkey dressing, boiled some water, dripped just 6 or 8 drops of the boiling water onto the middle of the very dry bread. She then taped the wet spot of the bread over the opening left by the rusty nail. The sore was open and running. She then put on my socks and shoes and told me to go out and play. It hurt a bit to walk on at first but as the day wore on I forgot all about it until after supper when my mom asked me how my foot was doing. When she took off the shoe, sock and poultice the red streak had retreated to just above my ankle and the piece of bread had a handful of green puss on it. Another piece of bread was applied that night and when I got up the next day the red streak was gone and the bottom of my foot was pink and healthy instead of angry red. I have used this remedy throughout my life and on one occasion actually extracted a living parasite from my leg that I had picked up on an adventure trip to Belize.

The way it works is very simple. The bread is very poreous and by dripping water onto the middle of the bread, capillary action moves the water through the bread. Attach that wet spot to an OPEN infection and the water in your body joins the parade along with the poisons from the infection. When the drops are applied they also turn the bread that gets wet into a kind of sealing paste around the wound to ensure that the "cyphon" works properly. If you don't believe me just try this on your body (somewhere discrete).with the bread taped on but exposed to the air. You will give yourself a "hickey".

Live long and thrive! Paul

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Posisble Blood Poisoning - Response

Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 02/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

In reply to:

 Marc (Jacksonville, Fl) on 02/04/2009: "possible blood poisoning. I scratched my arm with a piece of metal about a week ago. Now in that area it is swollen and red. I have my tetanus shot, what will bring the swelling down, and heal my arm?"

Hello Marc,

If you haven't gotten started on that swelling/redness by now, run, don't walk to the nearest Dollar Tree or such and get a 2 lb. carton of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) and start doing hot epsom salts compresses 4 times a day to take care of it.

Mix it about 1/4 cup per quart of water as hot as you can stand to wring the cloth out without burning your hands.

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Bentonite Clay Poultices

Dianna (Austin, TX) on 02/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

In reply to Marc (Jacksonville, Fl) on 02/04/2009: "possible blood poisoning. I scratched my arm with a piece of metal about a week ago. Now in that area it is swollen and red. I have my tetanus shot, what will bring the swelling down, and heal my arm?"

The first thing that comes to my mind is a bentonite clay poultice. mix up some clay and glob it on and let it dry. if you get red stripes on your arm or it continues to hurt and stay red go to the ER.

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Nancy (Mt. Airy, NC) on 05/26/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I just love your website and I just wanted to tell your readers about another wonderful old-time remedy for blood poisoning and infection. We have used this many times in my family and I couldn't tell you how many times I have seen it work.

For a nasty infected cut or in my worst case a nasty puncture wound from a rusty nail. Within about 6 hours I had a red streak going up my leg from the blood poisoning. My mother took an Irish potato and washed it, cut it in half and scraped out a pile of mushy raw potato. She put it on a piece of plastic bag to hold in the potato juice and wrapped it around my foot. The next morning the red streak was gone and my foot was healing with no sign of infection. Over the years I too have used this folk remedy on my family. Just make the potato poultice leave it juicy and use it inside bandaging for an infected wound. Plastic helps to keep it wet and keep you dry. Leave it on the wound overnight. Then take it off and examine the wound if it's still infected clean it off again and reapply the poultice. Somehow it draws the poison and infection out.

Mother nature is simply amazing!

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