Turpentine Baths for Blepharitis

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Rob (Kentucky) on 02/19/2022:
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@ Javier... Cups? Try drops! The first time I tried this, it felt like someone poured gasoline on me and lit me on fire! Unless your skin is made of leather, it will probably do the same to you. Good news is, you will get used to it.

Making your own white turpentine bath

source recipe:


This white emulsion contains high quality essential oil of pine resin, along with salicylic acid, natural camphor and soap. It is used for bathing, which activate and clean the capillaries through their contractions and pulsations, is to open the obstructed capillaries. This increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and leads to an increased removal of waste products. White emulsion does not increase body temperature.

White turpentine baths ingredients:

  • Composition of the emulsion:
  • turpentine/gum balsam 0.5 liter
  • water 0.5 liter
  • salicylic acid or willow bark extract 3 gram/ml
  • baby soap 30 gram/ml
  • camphor alcohol 20ml

White turpentine mixture. To prepare 1 liter of the mixture, you will need: distilled water 550 ml, salicylic acid 3 g, camphor alcohol 20 ml, gum turpentine 500 ml and baby soap 30 g, which must be finely chopped. Method of preparation: pour distilled water into an enamel bowl and put on fire. After boiling water, add salicylic acid and planed baby soap. Stirring with a glass rod, cook for about 15 minutes, over low heat - until the soap dissolves. Remove the dishes from the fire and pour in the gum turpentine. Then, mix and add camphor alcohol. The resulting mixture, pour into a glass dish made of tinted glass. The finished mixture looks like curdled milk. During storage, it may separate into 2-3 layers - therefore, it must be shaken before use. Store the mixture in a dark place and at room temperature - so it can be stored for up to 1 year.


My Small Batch Formula

Fill the bathtub up with enuff water so you can submerge your head down into it while bathing.

Bathtub temp MUST be at 100 degrees F.

While the tub is filling up. Take a clean empty soda bottle and add the following:

  • 20 drops Pine resin turpentine. Increase drops as you can tolerate up to 60 drops.
  • 1 - 325mg aspirin for the salicylic acid (it will dissolve in water)
  • 20 drops baby shampoo
  • 20 drops camphor oil

Now fill the bottle halfway up with water, cap, and shake til uniformed.

Now add this to your bathwater. Soak and enjoy. Unless you have a way to re-heat the water in the tub, you will have to refill tub with a new batch.

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Rob (Kentucky) on 02/08/2022:
5 out of 5 stars

I have struggled with Blepharitis for years. Did the doctor’s tour and they were no help, just wanted more $$, eye drops that don’t work, another test… Tea tree oil helped but no lasting effects. Recently, I have been taking Turpentine “white” baths as promoted by Dr. Zalmanovn around 1904 for cardiovascular problems. Turpentine baths were used by “Russian” grandmothers for the treatment of joints, bronchitis, and many other diseases.

I am 21 days into the bath regiment (of a total of 30 days this round) when at about the 10th day I noticed I was not having eye issues anymore.

The symptoms I was having were; watery-red eyes, itchy eyelids, crusty eyelids upon waking up, sensitivity to light, blurry vision at times.

The only thing I can think of that is helping clear my eyes is when I’m taking the white bath, I am submerging my head down into the water and placing a soaked washcloth from the bath waters across my eyes and forehead. I do this for the entire 20-minute setting.

Since pure gum turpentine is an exceptional broadband anti-pathogen, anti-microbial, anti-parasite, fungicide. It makes sense that it would work. I just never made the connection to use it as a compress over my eyes. I am making my own homemade white baths using (Humco Brand - Pure Gum Resin Turpentine).

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