Tea Tree Oil for Blepharitis

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Tania (Perth, Western Australia) on 11/13/2019:
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Washing along the eye lid with Tea Tree soap twice a day is making a world of difference for me. Have tried numerous other remedies over the years without success and have ended up with complications of ingrowing eye lashes etc. Now four weeks into this regime starting to turn things around at last, and dry eye symptoms improving too. There are a couple of studies out there now confirming this method especially for Ocular Rosacea sufferers.

Billi (Toronto) on 06/12/2016:
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Blepharitis - Tea tree oil - Inhale steam

Last winter had a cold + sinusitis which, among others, battled by inhaling steam - few drops of essential oils in pot of boiling water. As I was alternating nose and mouth opening over pot briefly under the towel, happened to move over and cover eye lids as well (with eyes closed). Having eye infection frequently (must be related to contact lenses solution), I noticed this time eye infection got cleared without using any creams or eye drops. Itching stopped almost instantly after first steam - inhale session.

Steam with few drops of tea tree oil also seem easier to apply, compared to poultice or oil mixture.

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Narendra (Ontario) on 11/11/2015:
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I felt I must add my experience since this site has help me. I use tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil and it has help me tremendously for blepharitis.

I must also mention for blepharitis, mix a cup of boiled water with one half teaspoon of baking soda. Clean eyelids with solution when cool using q- tips. Also, for dry eyes, drink flax seed oil, omega 3 and primrose oil. Primrose oil has GLA which help the oil gland produce the lipid that prevent evaporation of the tears

To keep the bad bacteria away, strengthen the immune system. Use anti inflammatory once a day. This is found at most health store. Use probiotics to help balance the gut flora and get rid of the bad bacteria, otherwise, blepharitis returns.

This approach has work for me. I hope everyone recovers from this terrible infection.

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Cured (Ireland) on 12/26/2014:
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So to start off I was using my computer a lot and my eyes became itchy and progressed to being very bloodshot. I had no idea what it was and after trying to clean my eyes every day for a few months with the condition worsening and getting a little better sometimes I went to the doctor. By this point it was very bad and I was prescribed an anti-biotic. The first anti-biotic did nothing and the eye drops didn't help either so I went to a specialist where I was finally told it was blepharitis. I was given Maxitrol which is an anti-biotic which slightly helped but made me extremely sick for about 2 weeks and eventually didn't cure me either. The specialist told me to apply sodium bicarbonate (mixed with water) to my eyelids every day also which I did and continued to do and I must say it does help a bit.

But the biggest problem I had was my eyes were dry still and would return to being very bloodshot if I was looking at any screen. 6 months after I first felt symptoms I found this site and say the suggestion of tea tree oil and decided to try it. Massive success..! It can sometimes sting but its been 5 days since I started applying it and I don't even need to put it on anymore..my eyes lubricate again don't itch when looking at screens. After 6 months I was desperate and I'm really glad I tried:)

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Snazzy (London) on 11/01/2014:
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I am writing enthusiastically endorse the tea tree oil treatment -- it seemed to have worked overnight! This is only the second time I have ever had belpharitis and this treatment worked much faster than the antibiotic I used the first time.

The first time I got blepharitis, I went to the doctor and got an antibiotic ointment perscription. It took almost a full month for the ointment to work and for the irritation to go completely away. Because I am not in my home country (I am American), I did not want to have to go to the doctor again. In part, I also wanted an alternative way to deal with this because I did not want to have to deal with the uncertainty for an entire month again - it took so long before!!!

So, I searched, found this forum, and saw the tea tree oil cure. I happened to have it at home, so I decided it would be easy enough to try out.

I mixed, in a bowl, in two drops of tea tree oil and about 1 tablespoon of olive oil. I then stirred the mixture with a q-tip for about 10 seconds and rubbed some on my eye before bed. Overnight it became much better.

I continued to apply the mixture about 3 times a day for about 3 days just to be safe. It has now been another four days since I stopped applying the treatment, and the symptoms have not returned. I am so freakin' happy! Maybe what I had was not serious and would have gone away on its own, but really it felt exactly like the symptoms I had two years ago (which lasted for a whole month even with a perscription).

So, if you have these symptoms I really suggest trying out the tea tree oil treatment out! From what I can tell, it saved me a lot of time, pain, and anxiety. I hope it works for you too!

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Charlotte (Brooklyn, Ny) on 10/24/2013:
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I tried a million different treatments for blepharitis and dry eye for many months and this was a real b-----. I tried warm compresses, tea bags, supplements, still more misery. But here is something that worked for me. I did some research and found out about "Demodex mites" that infest the eyelashes ( I know it's gross but you can look it up and see if it matches your symptoms). The remedy for these is tea tree oil. Of course it would hurt like hell if you put it on your eyes "straight" but bc I don't like to use petroleum products (for ecology reasons, but especially near my eyes) I got some Waxelene and put one drop of tea tree in a bit of it, then applied it to my lid margins with a wet q-tip. It stung a little, but actually when the proportions were right produced a kind of warm pleasant relief. Did my eyebrows too, and also as recommended I started washing my hair with tea tree oil infused shampoo every day too. Also wash your face with a tea tree soap ( I just put a few drops in Dr. Bronners eucalyptus liquid castille soap.) Kept doing this procdure, no warm compresses, nothing else. Voila--much relief!
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