Steam Room for Blepharitis

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Jg (Pa) on 11/18/2018:
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I've suffered with this miserable condition for over 9 months that seemed to get worse and worse. My lids were inflamed and it was to the point where I had a hard time opening my eyes in the morning they were so dry. So, I had read about these steam googles they sell for a million bucks (exaggeration, but they are expensive) and decided, "What the heck, I'll try the YMCA steam room).

I went in for about 10-15 minutes. I hydrated well beforehand, and it initially felt weird, then burning. I carried on. I left, hopped in the warm showers, and just rinsed my face and eyelids with warm water and rubbed over it a bit with my fingers - no shampoo, not excessive rubbing, and just water. My eyelids looked *terrible.* I thought I had made a huge mistake.

I took 2 aleve when I got home and probably for two days...but noticed that once the swelling and redness went down, (maybe two days) my eyes were producing their own tears again. They looked terrible for a while...but whatever that gunk that clogged my glands were, seemed to be melted. I still use cliradex wipes once a day...but this was the thing that seemed to make the most difference.

I've tried those beaded eye masks, and a million things. I was so desperate. This really helped me so I thought I would share.

I only did it once. I now don't use drops at all, and put some organic olive oil on my lashes at night, but that's it.

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