Potato Pack for Blepharitis

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Maryalice (Eugene, Or) on 09/27/2013:
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I tried the potato packs on my blepharitis, but they did not seem to work. In fact, they seemed to make my eyes redder. My blepharitis is causing really red eyes and pain. I do put warm compresses on my eyes every day. I use homeopathic eye drops. I have tried the castor oil, but it seemed to actually cause the blepharitis to get worse, though made my eyes feel better. Any other insight as to how to deal with this issue is much appreciated. Thanks!
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Mark (Christchurch, Canterbury New Zealand) on 01/05/2013:
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I have had blepharitis for about three years now tryed everything suggested on earth clinic and with the exception of cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide which only partly works at best. Decided to try Edgar Cayces suggestion of grated potato packs for half hour to hour each day (this draws out the infection)on both eyes. Even after the first treatment I saw a big improvement. Three days later swollen and red eyelids have almost returned back to normal.
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