Multiple Remedies for Blepharitis

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Butterflycari (Ut) on 04/07/2018:
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I was reading about this condition and it seems like it is in the eczema "family" of ailments, some people call it "eyelid eczema". I remember this pine tar shampoo I have used in the past that advertises that it is for dandruff, psoriasis, etc. and it helped me to come up with a good chemical-free protocol for this condition, I believe. I have also upped my intake of omega 3's internally.

This has been working really well: I do this at least 3x per day. Once upon waking, sometime in the middle of the day or after work, and once before bed. I wash my hands really well before doing this. I keep all of these items in a small plastic tub and just pull it out when I need it.

Item list:

pine tar shampoo, shot glass, washcloth, sterile gauze pads or cotton balls, 10 or 15ppm colloidal silver, coconut honey balm(equal parts manuka honey and virgin coconut oil heated gently and mixed thoroughly together, they come together as they cool)

-I first dilute a bit of pine tar shampoo in hot water in a shot glass and use one corner of a washcloth to gently scrub my eyelids with it, keeping them tightly closed. (sometimes the crusty skin will flake off, this is good.)

-I then use another corner of the washcloth to rinse with warm water and gently scrub them. I pat them dry with a dry part of the cloth.

-I use sterile cotton balls or gauze to dab them gently with 10ppm colloidal silver. I let them air dry.

-Then I treat them with a thin layer of a mix of equal parts manuka honey and virgin coconut oil (I tried manuka honey on its own, but my eyelids felt too sticky. I tried coconut oil on its own, but it would drip into my eye and it felt uncomfortable for all day. The combo seems to keep the stuff right where you need it, and not as sticky.)

I have never had this condition before and I send blessings to anyone who has it. I hope you find relief using something on this site, whether it is my remedy or another one. I am so thankful for this forum! Love and peace to all of you.

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G (Australia) on 08/16/2016:
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Warm Compress for MGD Chalazion, Blepharitis & Sterile Honey Eye drops that work!

Okay first up,

I would like to say, if you have dry eye symptoms - check them out with a optometrist asap! (it could prevent a whole host of issues from developing - I didn't because I live remotely so couldn't and the doctors said "it was nothing", so I trusted, but I dearly wish I had acted then, now!)

About me: 45, female, genrally very healthy. I experienced dry eyes on occasion through out my life- then I moved to a climate where aircon is required almost all the time and started seriously getting dry eyes after a few years, then came the lumps and now the blepharitis...

Secondly I have not used this Warm Compress method yet, but as someone experiencing all the listed issues I have tried many many types of compresses and treatments with little success and really felt very in the in the dark about how to make a compress effective.

Then I came across this link from an optometry site and just had to share!,0

Lastly I have also just started using this product which feels amazing and is natural! (yes it will sting - but as I have been putting straight honey in my eyes prior, it is fine to me ;)

Manuka Honey Antibacterial Gel (you can find it on ebay)

I have also discovered there could be a hormonal link that isn't being addressed - so here is the info in case it can help you.

Kindest regards,


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Julie (Bc) on 07/19/2016:
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Blepharitis cure all

I first tried vinegar and water, nasal salt rinses etc and nothing was soothing my eye lids. Then I tried honey and due to its natural antibacterial properties as well as being very nourishing and healing, I got relief. But here's ultimately what worked -

Get cystane eye wipes and cystane high performance eye drops from the pharmacy.

Also get baby wipes that are (and this is key) parfum or scent free, sensitive, non-alcohol, non-chlorine. Wipe and cleanse the eyes. Then take medical grade vitamin A & E oil that you can find in a health food store.

Combine that oil with a couple of drops of tea tree oil. Massage all over face. Watch as your skin thanks you and you finally find ultimate relief and a preventive measure that will keep another reoccuring infection at bay. Continue even after the rash is gone to add the vitamin A&E oil into your moisturizer to build up the eye lids and keep them strong.

Finally, keep a bottle of nizoral on hand. Most people get this because they have a slight to major dandruff issue by producing too much cebum and the flakes are actually fungus and can cause infection. Even now and then, you have to cleanse your scalp if you're prone to this. As it is a fungus and not a bacteria based infection, please do not get prescriptions of antibiotics from your doctor. All you are doing is killing the good and bad bacteria in your gut and compromising your immune system further.

Get your rest. Go to bed early. And another thing I did was I threw out all my makeup and washed and cleansed all my makeup brushes. Bacteria and fungus can linger in those products and brushes wish can also cause this. Do a thorough clean-up.

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Rachel (Spain) on 08/19/2015:
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Worked Temporarily

I too am suffering this horrible ailment:( About 2 years ago, after about a year of washing lids with baby shampoo & my hair & eyebrows with Head & Shoulders on the doctors advice, I was finally referred to a consultant at the hospital. He prescribed a 3 month dose of an oral medication that was originally used for the treatment of acne & rosacia. I was desperate so agreed to take it. 1 tablet in the morning 1 at night, easy. Amazingly within a week it had completely gone! I never needed to do the ridiculous time consuming washing procedures.... Until now! As I say, it's now about 3 years and I am temporarily in Spain. My eyes have got worse again. Very swollen lids and very red. My whole right eye was completely red, it looked as though I had been punched in the eye it was that bad. I went to the pharmacia who very willingly gave me an antibiotic eye drop. I knew this was not going to help the lumpy red eyelids but after 2 days it has got rid of the redness of the eyeball.

I have also tried honey with some success but it always comes back again. I think Manuka honey may be my next course of action. I have noticed that when I swim in the swimming pool here, with my eyes open, almost swishing my head around to wash my eyes with the water, they are always much better for about a week. Maybe it's the chlorine that temporarily eases it. Also, swimming in the sea does help, again it's probably the salt. But, it never goes away. It can be so debilitating some days. Thankfully I can wear my dark sunglasses through the the day, but am going back to England soon. Another appointment with the doctor! I will also try the tea tree oil, again.

Hopefully someone will come up with a cure for this horrible illness.

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