Manuka Honey for Blepharitis

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Ann (Airzona) on 03/22/2021:
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I've used a mild Manuka Honey solution for all sorts of thing including pink eye and it works like a charm. I just put a few drops in a heated tsp of warm water. I discovered it on a trip when I came up with an eye stye a day before filming and the only thing I had to use in the hotel was some Manuka that I brought as a facial!

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Ruth (Australia) on 06/05/2016:
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After reading this site about manuka honey for blepharitis, I tried a honey called Valentines and it is very very strong and burnt when I applied it, however, I used a small amount in organic coconut oil as a carrier and overnight my eyes have settled down and feel much better. I stopped washing them with warm water as I think this affects the natural moisturing affect in the eyes if you do it too much. The coconut oil does affect your vision temporarily but hopefully it will cure the condition and I won't need it except when I'm sleeping to control it. I wonder whether it is from being tested as every time I go to get them tested or get new glasses I seem to end up with it again. Only to be told its because of the sub tropical heat which causes it.

Hope this helps someone else as this site has helped me. Cheers

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Gerda (Waukegan Il) on 01/13/2015:
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I am also dealing already with Blepharitis for 14 month. So far I have seen six different Doctors (nothing helped). After reading your article with Manuka honey, I thought I will give it a try. The Manuka honey +16 came in the mail yesterday.The minute I put it on my eyelids, I too was stunned how fast I saw a change. The swelling is going down. My face starts to look more normal again. I hope the honey will do the trick! Gerda

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Karl (Bellevue, Wa) on 01/04/2015:
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So, my wife, Julie, has been dealing with blepharitis for 14 months now. It started with a flaky, itchy rash (like eczema) on her upper eyelids and then it spread to her lower eyelids. It would also cause her left eye to water and tear up. She went to an allergist, a dermatologist and a esthetician to seek treatment. She tried creams, ointments, steroid creams, air purifiers (in case it was caused by an airborne allergen) and vitamin therapy. On a few occasions, it went away and then came back even worse. Needless to say, she was getting enormously frustrated that this condition might go on forever since nothing that the doctors prescribed was working.

I started looking for alternatives for her and came across a few people touting the claims of Manuka honey. The more I read up on it, the more I was convinced that it might do the trick. We went to Whole Foods and bought the most potent manuka honey we could find (+16). A higher number means higher potency. It was an expensive jar of honey, and if we were going to eat it, it would be nuts, but this was medicine. Julie put it on for 10 minutes at a time and left it on lightly overnight and, after one night, the upper eyelid inflammation and rash was GONE! After 48 hours, the entire thing was gone. She burst into tears after the first morning and is just absolutely stunned by how fast it worked and how effortless the application is. No side effects, no danger of a chemical in the eye...just all natural pure manuka honey did the trick.

If you are in that same boat and nothing is working for you, I highly recommend that you give Manuka Honey a try. It's really a miracle cure for this condition.

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Catherine Weiss (Umina Beach) on 03/13/2014:
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I just read an Article on Google about a man who had this condition for 8 years. Well, I've had mine for 1 and its so painful and irritating hurts, well this man cured it in himself with... guess what it is? Honey. So I'm all for natural treatments and in Australia I'm learning about the aboriginal cures they work so I'm looking into plants also natural but mananuka honey has in fact got an antibacterial ingredient in it. Any honey, but pure is better the "mananuka" tree or flower in Australia, has the quality, if it worked for him it will work for me, I'll get back to you guys on what works, ok? But the honey twice a day I'm trying, he said that he cured it, 100% and he looks happy. Thank you.
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