Hand Wipes for Blepharitis

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Weaspoon (Texas) on 06/07/2022:
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I eagerly tried the posts about curing Blepharitis with Wet O N E’s. After suffering with severe Blepharitis for years and spending many $$ on eye drops that did almost nothing I bought the wipes and almost immediately received relief from severe itching, watering, redness, discharge and dry eyes. Also had itchy eczema on my eyelids. I used the wipes several times a day for a week then only as needed for slight itching for a week. After that I have not had any symptoms at all for about a month or longer. I’ll post again if Blepharitis returns.

HOWEVER, I have since learned that the active ingredient in the wipes that kills the Blepharitis, Benzalkonium Chloride, is believed to be damaging to the eyes in 7 different ways. Consumers who are using eye drops, OTC and RX, and or wet o n e’s on a daily basis for long periods are often unaware of the ocular surface risks.

The studies are here:


I am also on the Fuch’s Corneal Dystrophy blog and learned from posts there that BAK is harmful for those with Corneal Dystrophy.

More personal research needs to be done to determine how injurious BAK can be.

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Lazereyes (Waymart, Pa) on 09/16/2018:
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The Wet Ones are working better than anything else Iv'e tried (too many to list). No flakes or debris on eyelashes, inflammation of conjunctiva is now white and calm, and I don't want to rip my eyelashes out after a long day of work. THANK GOD FOR WET ONES!
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Hs (Fl) on 11/24/2017:
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This cure for blepharitis is a very affordable, easy to find grocery item - Wet Ones wipes.

I've had blepharitis for 20 years. I was told repeatedly that I will have it my whole life and that it can't be cured.

But there is a cure. The active ingredient in Wet Ones wipes (red label - NOT the blue label/sensitive version) is Benzethonium Chloride 0.3%. It kills staph.

Don't use the blue label/sensitive version - it has no active ingredient. Don't use generic/store brand versions of Wet Ones - they don't have enough Benzethonium Chloride.

Because this is the first mention of this easy cure, you might be tempted to dismiss it. I encourage you to check this thread of people who have used this cure, including lots of feedback from the woman who originally discovered it. https://patient.info/forums/discuss/one-week-using-wet-ones-with-benzethonium-chloride-62456

Cut wipes into small pieces and put them in a glass bowl with a lid. Wipe the lash line 3 to 4 times per day. Don't rinse, let them dry. My eyes feel no irritation at all. Wipe lashes less frequently as the blepharitis goes away. It will eventually be gone or easily managed.

After 20 years, I am shocked and so happy that this can be fixed.

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Cheri (California) on 11/16/2016:
5 out of 5 stars

I would also like to recommend the post from Ophelia. I am so grateful to have found it, especially because she explains that there may be exacerbations along the way and to just continue treatment anyways. This really helped because exacerbation did occur. I went to Oregon in June and developed this weird red puffy scaly thing on both upper eyelids. I have never had any issues with my eyes before so I figured it was something I was allergic to in that location. Over the following several weeks it got worse. I looked like a drug addict when I woke up, triangular red marks under my eyes, puffiness and inflammation on upper eyelids. Upon optometrists recommendations I tried eyedrops for allergies as well as natural tears. No difference at all after 2 weeks. I tried Manuka honey, no difference. All this time, I washed my face with water and wore no make-up. I went to a dermatologist and she recommended steroid treatment and to wash with baby shampoo. She literally told me I could never even touch my eyes again without an inflammatory reaction developing afterwards. I decided to forgo the steroid and try the wet ones instead. I followed the regimen Ophelia laid out. I saw improvement after a couple days. After a few weeks, it seemed to get worse. I stuck with regimen though and within a couple days it subsided. It took about 4 weeks for blepharitis to subside completely. I still continued using wet ones for another month though just to be sure. I haven't used them now for 2 weeks and haven't had recurrence. My eyes are completely normal. I was so discouraged prior to this treatment. I couldn't imagine dealing with this for the rest of my life, which it was looking as if that would be the case. I'm incredibly grateful for this post because it truly is a cure!

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John M (Kimbal,l Mi) on 07/07/2016:
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I would like to recommend the post by ophelia (Dana Point CA) on 08/07/2014 using antibacterial hand wipes on eye lids.

My eyes were itching really bad but NOT NOW, I did not cut the towelette into pieces liked she did, I folded the towelette and put it into a sandwich bag to reuse it and replaced it every few days I am also taking n-acetyl-L-cysteine 600 mg one daily I don't use the eye drops or Doctors or the baby shampoo or anything else anymore thanks for sharing this web site.

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Susan (Albuquerque, Nm) on 02/02/2016:
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Like most of you, I have struggled with painful blepharitis for years to no avail. Doctor after doctor, medications.... Thanks to your stories, I came across something that worked for me. I first tried the manuka honey which did well for the inflammation on the eyelid, but was not totally effective. I then purchased hand wipes (containing benzethonium chloride) and they have worked effectively and completely! No inflamation or itching. At this juncture, I use them about every third day, wiping them on the eyelashes and leaving on for only about 30 seconds, then rinsing with warm water.

Your stories and suggestions have saved my sanity. Please know you have made a huge difference in my life through the sharing of your hard-earned experiences.

Thank you!

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Judy (Anaheim, Ca) on 06/10/2015:
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I have had blepharitis since 2009. My tear ducts plugged with yellow waxy substance and were inflamed, red, painful, and runny. I daily removed strings of pussy mucous from my eyes. I just wanted to close my eyes and not open them again. I read Posted by Ophelia (Dana Point, CA) on 08/07/2014 about Wet Ones wipes and followed her advice. Today after 4 months of using them I went to the ophthalmologist. Seven or eight times he used words like pristeen and stellar when describing the condition of my eyelids now. Midway I did go through a crisis that it wasn't working. But I stuck to Ophelia's recommendation to treat my condition for a full 4 months with these wipes and diluted baby shampoo washes. I did find that I needed to moisturize my eyelids and surrounding areas once a day. But from what was a great suffering to being apparently cured, I am so grateful for the advice to use them. My doctor told me to just go to cleansing my eyes with the shampoo once a day. He didn't see any need to do any more. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am 73 years old, what a relief! $6 cure! Judy

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Ophelia (Dana Point, CA) on 08/07/2014:
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This is not my cure but I found it tonight and wanted to share.

I no longer have Blepharitis. There is a cure.

Benzethonium Chloride is the medicine in the products that get rid of Blepharitis. It is found in the antibacterial hand wipes known as WET ONES. It comes in a red box. Walmart or drug stores or grocery stores here carry it. I checked on the internet to find what products Benzethonium Chloride was in. You may have to order from a drug store on line if you can't get it there.

Let me explain how I got rid of it. I tore each hand wipe into 8 pieces and rubbed each eyelash are twice-4 times a day to start. After a week or two I went down to 3 times a day. After a month I went down to 2 times a day for several months. This is an infection in the roots of the eyelashes. Putting medicine in the eye doesn't do much. I tried 3 times with antibiotics. Did nothing.

When a friend said she got rid of it I jumped on it right away. She had it going up her eyelids.

Two people have gotten rid of this horrible itching. It is not a hit and miss thing. I kept at it for 3-4 months and it is gone.

The 3 Dr.'s who looked into my eyes tried to find it and couldn't. One was the Dr. who gave me the prescriptions for antibiotics and diagnosed the Blepharitis. This is not just a temporary relief thing I am writing blogging about. I learned how to blog to try to help others learn about the way to get rid of this infection in the eye lashes. The Dr.'s didn't seem to be interested in a cure. I did blog on one Dr.'s comment and he was interested and wanted to know if I washed my eyes off after using the wipes. I told him no I did not.

There is no need to suffer with this when there is a cure. Please be diligent and work at it for the 3-4 months. You do start to feel better. When I was done it itched once or twice and I used the wipes and it was gone.

Relief is not far way, Lynda

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