Bees Wax Cuticle Cream for Blepharitis

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Barefoot (OR) on 02/01/2023:
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Over the last few months I have tried the benzalkonium chloride wipes and the hydrogen peroxide/borax mix, and they both dried my eyes out horribly and made them super raw. My blepharitis may be too advanced for such harsh treatment. I also tried blephagel, and same thing... made my eyes dry and raw. But I just posted about the ecoessence lotion I discovered. With the lotion, the olive oil, and beexwax salve (I also posted about) once in a while, I have my blepharitis very much under control, finally. I also cut up dozens of microfiber cloths so I can easily do my hygeiene routine. I no longer sit with a giant washcloth on my face for minutes, or facemasks you put in the microwave. I fold up a tiny piece of my microfiber and run it under a stream of very hot water and press it into my eye over and over and gently vibrate my hand. In 1 minute I get better results than if I tried to lay down with a cloth on my face for 10 min. I hope this is helpful:)

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Barefoot (Oregon) on 05/19/2022:
5 out of 5 stars

10 yr blepharitis sufferer here, and in the beginning mine was worse than any picture I've even seen online. I've tried, do use, and most definitely rotate many things. However, once I discovered how much Burts Bees cuticle cream helped, I do not go anywhere without it. I have tins everywhere and use it several times a day. Definitely night and morning before my hygiene routine. I have made my own with bees wax and different oils like jojoba. It was really easy to make actually, just melt it together. I love these little tins though and it works fantastic. It's one of many things I do, but definitely one I use daily and cannot go without or I suffer a whole lot. Its cheap, so give it a try. And what I've learned, it is incredibly important to rotate treatments, and use actual antibiotics very very sparingly and carefully. The bacteria/fungus/etc shifts and changes and so should the treatments. What works well once may make a flare another time, then work again another time. I'm going to try the borax + Hydro Peroxide soon too, I just read about that one on here. One more thing to keep in the cupboard. But always always Burts Bees cuticle cream. BTW, it MUST be the cuticle cream because the other ones do not contain beeswax. I hope this helps:)!
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