Apple Cider Vinegar for Blepharitis

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Dianne (Phoenix, Az) on 07/29/2017:
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ACV for blepharitis

Okay guys just want you to know I've done this treatment with ACV and distilled water now for 3 days. Scrubbing my lashes with a Q Tip on my eyes and my eyes have not felt this good in almost a year. This is definitely working for me. Thank you all.

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Dianne (Phoenix, Arizona) on 07/27/2017:
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I had gone to my ophthalmologist about 3 weeks ago, with complaints of itchy red eyes. He told me I lived in Phoenix, where the weather was hot and to drink more water. Last night I discovered what was wrong with my eyes (blepharitis), through this EC site. I used ACV mixed with water and a Q Tip, and literally scrubbed my eyelashes with it. It stung a lot, so I think I probably did not use enough water, but I repeated it again this morning, and my eyes feel SO much better. I will continue to do this 3 times a day, until I am healed. Thanks again for providing this wonderful site for those of us who know doctors just "practice" on us, which is why its called "medical practice."
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One Red Bug Eye (Van, Bc) on 09/10/2015:
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10 min ACV EYE BATH 3x/day for 3 days: Submersion: 2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar in one large salad bowl of warm water.

Put side of face in water bowl to keep breathing through corner of mouth, submerse eye, blink open while looking different directions to cover all areas.

Cured red bug eye with pussy node at bottom of eyelash sandy feel at tear duct. Eye was glued shut in AM from crust.

Note: Wore eyepatch to alleviate nocturnal scratching.

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Diana (Flushing, Michigan, USA) on 08/30/2009:
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ACV with honey and distilled water cured my eye inflammation.

I had blepharitis in both eyes, with painful ulcerations on my eyelids. It was like I had toxic tears. Dr. said to use a 10% solution of baby shampoo in water and use it to scrub eyelashes with cotton swab. Condition worsened.

Mixe together 5 parts distilled water, 2 parts organic honey, and 1 part ACV. One drop in each eye 2x each day. The solution does not need to be refrigerated. I made it in a clean liquid measuring cup, then transferred it to a droppper bottle. The solution packs quite a sting. More if the inflammation is more severe. It is important to get the solution all over the eye by moving the eye left, right, up and down while closed. It will sting each time, but IT WORKS!!! For me after 2 weeks the inflammation was completely gone. I'm thinking of trying it once a week for maintainance.

Found this receipe in a book: Healing for the Age of Enlightenment by Stanley Burroughs.

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