Natural Cures for Blebs

Tissue inflammation of any kind can be uncomfortable and even painful. Depending on the type of bleb you have, you may have to try different treatments to find one that works; however, this condition is treatable. Some of the best remedies for blebs are hydrogen peroxide, coconut oil, and garlic.

What Is A Bleb?

Blebs manifest in a variety of ways and locations. However, any type of bleb is considered a relatively large blister filled with bodily fluid.

Symptoms of blebs vary depending on the type. However, common indicators include an unexplained blister-like structure somewhere on your body, inflammation, and tenderness.

What Causes Blebs?

The cause of a bleb or bullae depends on the type. One of the most common forms is pulmonary, which is sometimes caused by underlying lung diseases or other respiratory concerns. Eye blebs are generally caused by ophthalmic procedures. However, blebs often form in individuals with no apparent health conditions.

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List of Remedies for Blebs