Baking Soda, Eggplant, ACV for Basal Cell Carcinoma

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Beinafraid (Palm Beach) on 09/27/2018:
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Baking soda/eggplant/ACV/frankincense oil for Basal cell

So on August 31 I had sore biopsied to find out what it was. It was about the size of pencil eraser, with a scab over roughly half of it and the other half kind of weepy/bloody that would bleed easy. The technician proclaimed it looked like BCC but wanted to do a biopsy to be sure. I would hear back in 10-12 days.

Started as a weird pimple that wouldn’t go away and over 4 years or so wound up being a scabby sore that would bleed occasionally. I had it looked at 3 years ago and the doctor told me it was a cyst. I figured I had to wait anyway, might as well try some homeopathic treatments.

For the first week I applied a paste of organic coconut oil and baking soda, held on with a bandage, over night. Washed off in the morning with regular soap and water. Repeated every night for a week. I noticed after the second day, the bleeding had stopped and a scab started to form. I made a batch of eggplant in ACV because I had heard about this cure and also that cancer cells change form every 5-6 days, so I thought I should change the attack as well.

The second week, I felt as if I had killed the bad cells, so I started applying the eggplant tincture. I just dabbed it on with a cotton swab whenever I remembered, probably 5-6 times a day and several more times at night. When I went to sleep I put frankincense oil on it. By the end of the second week, I noticed that it was starting to get a little smaller, had a scab for a couple of days that would fall off and regrow and I just felt like it was cured but not healed. I had ordered some of the black salve so the 14th night, Friday, I decided to see if there was any cancer left by putting the black salve in it. I was so scared but I covered the end of my nose with black salve. No reaction at all, a little tingle but I think it may be because I had this stuff all over my nose. After about 3 hours, I washed it off, put frankincense all over my nose and went to sleep. The next morning, I had a crusty scab with a black dot where the BCC had been and about 5 other little crusty scabs that branched out from the main sore. These other little scabs were about the size of one of my pores.

I kept applying frankincense oil 2 times a day for the entire 3rd week. After 2 days all of the scabs fell off when I washed my face and the bigger scab had a cone of white goop under it. Tomorrow, Friday, will be the end of week 4 and I have kept on with the frankincense oil and also applying vitamin E oil. Right now I have a hole of pink skin, no blood, about 1/2 the size of a pencil eraser that will develop a scab which will come off when I wash my face every 3rd day or so. I am starting with straight up ACV over night to hopefully close up the hole. I am going to give it another month to hopefully heal and then get it rebiopsied.

Hope this helps.

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