Natural Remedies for Balanitis

Balanitis occurs when the glans (the rounded head of the penis) become inflamed. If only the foreskin is inflamed, it is called Posthitis. When both are inflamed, it is Balanoposthitis.

Balanitis normally affects boys under 4, uncircumcised men, and diabetics, and may affect 5% of males. Getting the correct diagnosis is important because some symptoms are the same as symptoms of thrush or some STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

Poor hygiene is the most common cause, allowing bacteria to grow under the foreskin. Much less frequently, the cause is antibiotics, painkillers, laxatives, or sleeping pills. Symptoms are swelling, pain or itchiness. Treatment is usually a medicated anti-itch cream and/or antibiotics. Less frequently, a medicated steroid cream is prescribed.

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List of Remedies for Balanitis