Prolotherapy for Arthritis

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Alicia (Abq, Nm) on 10/07/2012:
5 out of 5 stars

About 5 years ago I tripped and almost fell. I was afraid if I had I would break a hip. However in not falling and catching myself I tore my ACLs. When I finally went to the Orthopedic guy he basically told me I needed a knee replacement and that I had a very arthritic knee. He seemed to delight in showing me how they would just slice those joints off and bolt on some aparatus. I declined at that point and in a later appointment they injected some Chicken comb material supposed to help the bones glide better with a large needle that looked sort of like a turkey baster. Needless to say it was quite an experience and I have done everything I could to stay out of his office. ACV seemed to help some, but I realized I was getting less and less active because I was in pain. About a year ago, I went to a Chiropractor and she told me about Prolotherapy and how it could help me. It's a treatment where they inject sugar water in your ligaments, causing inflammation which make them stronger when they heal. Due to having flashbacks of the turkey baster, I just let time pass. Finally about a month ago I realized I had to do something and sugar water was a hell of a lot less invasive than having my knee joint cut out. So, several days ago I went in for my first Prolotherapy session. She did an ultrasound of my knee and there were large bone spurs in the area of the most pain. She numbed the area and injected the sugar water and compared to the turkey baster - it was a walk in the park! But the greatest thing is - it's 3 days later and it's at least 75% better if not more! I went grocery shopping yesterday without any pain! I'm climbing the stairs in my house with no problem! Of course, insurance won't pay for it. So I'm out $285. But I don't care! I figure I'll probably have to have another session, but I am so stoked about this I had to share! The pictures on the internet (Youtube) are a little scary and I think that was why I was so reticent. It's just such a relief to think about doing things and realizing you can because you're not hurting anymore.
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