Dietary Changes for Arthritis

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Joseph (Nottingham) on 12/21/2020:
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I was in my late 60s when arthritis flared up in my ankles, some days it was so bad I had difficulty even getting out of bed, it seemed to come and ease off. I suspected it may have been an intolerance, so along the route of modern medicine I eventually hit the buffers when I finally saw a Rheumatologist who assured me they could "manage" my condition not cure, only manage. Great. So this is how I cleared my arthritis, I was diagnosed as being wheat intolerant by a Kinesiologist.

So my cure turns out to be NO grains that is:

NO wheat, rice, oats, rye, corn

NO sugar - you knew this already

No processed foods this includes processed meats, sausages, bacon, pies et. al. we all know what those bad boys are, anything containing chemicals preservative etc. they don't belong in your body.

Its up to you. Try it - its not easy. A small price to pay to get you're life back tho.

Of course you may intolerant to something else find out yourself what that something is, your doctor has absolutely no idea, they are on the whole incompetent and unable to cure.

Good Luck

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Wendy (Columbus, OH) on 03/16/2019:
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I have age-related osteoarthritis (I'm almost 64). What's worked for me is completely cutting out refined sugar in any form, including the "bad" carbs (pastas, breads, white rice, etc.), and definitely using turmeric whenever I can. I've regularly made the "golden milk" (recipe here in EC), and have added the turmeric, organic UNrefined virgin coconut oil and black pepper to my homemade soups and teas. I had a right hip replacement February 2018, and the only time I feel any pain in my knees or even that right hip area it's because I've "cheated" with the junk food. So, basically, at least for me, cleaning up the diet and lots of turmeric really keeps the aches and pains away.

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Cabeau (Blaricum, Netherlands) on 05/10/2018:
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Relation of Nightshades to Arthritis:

I have tried this 'cure' with good results. It is hard to remove all nightshades but you notice when you have had some the next day (pain). Remove all foods of the nightshade family for six weeks and you will know! There is a link with vitamin d3 (sunlight) and consuming nightshades. Resource:

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Kathryn (Wisconsin) on 07/17/2017:
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A lot of arthritis pain is caused by poor diet.

I used to really be a junkfood junkie and it took a long time for me to be willing to eat real food but now that I am I feel much better. In addition to cutting out everything that isn't real food you might try going off of eggs, dairy, because that is the culprit in many situations. I hope you find what is causing the inflammation and get to feeling better real soon.

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Cabeau (Netherlands) on 12/04/2016:
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Avoid or preferably eliminate all foods from the nightshade family (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant etc, google it) from your diet. It worked for me! It should be removed from your diet for 6 weeks to see results. I had a trigger thumb beside the painful joints which both are cured with this remedy. I also soaked my thumb in a hot bath of MSM.

It has everything to do with your vitamin D3 levels. If you have enough vitamin D3 it is not a problem to eat these foods (like in Italy :-)).

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