Art Solbrig Psoriasis Protocol

Hesperidin for Psoriasis - Art Solbrig Protocol

By Art Solbrig
October 26, 2017
Updated: January 4, 2021

While the original psoriasis protocol that I posted below in 2017 proved to be very effective for controlling my psoriasis reasonably quickly, one of the components of that regimen has proved to be somewhat elusive at obtaining the correct product;  "Indigo Naturalis" or "Qing Dai" as it is sometimes referred to.

The problem is that indigo naturalis ("IN") is used in multiple studies to reduce psoriasis symptoms effectively. This product is a blue powder that darkens considerably to almost black when you make it into the topical application lotion. Some suppliers are selling what they claim is this powder, but when you get it, it may be the blue powder, or it may be a green powder, which was not used in the studies. The powder can also be pricey, so you don't want to waste money on the wrong product. Another obvious drawback to this topical lotion application is that it is very dark blue, almost black, which means it will rub off on clothes, bedding, and pretty much anything you rub against or touch.

Since this problem has become apparent over time, I decided to look for another option to replace the indigo naturalis powder that would be much easier to obtain, be less expensive, and have a good safety profile. Due to a recent flare-up of psoriasis, I am currently testing this option to see if it will be a suitable replacement for IN. 

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