Antibiotic Side Effect Remedies

You developed a terrible sore throat, went to the doctor, and discovered you had strep throat. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic that seemed to help you get better but you're still dealing with some lasting side effects including bowel discomfort and headaches. What is the cause? We would say the most likely cause is the antibiotic you took.

While antibiotics can knock out some illnesses, these medication often cause additional issues that can be just as difficult to treat. If you have experienced an adverse reaction to a round of antibiotics, we suggest treating this issues naturally using yogurt, probiotic supplements, or even garlic.

What Are Antibiotics Used For?

Antibiotics are medications known as antibacterials. These medications function to destroy or slow down the growth of common bacteria, so they are often used to treat any issue caused by or linked to a specific type of bacteria.

Common conditions that are treated with antibiotics are illnesses such as syphilis, tuberculosis, salmonella, and meningitis. Ear infections, strep throats, urinary tract infections, and other common bacterial infections can also be treated using antibiotics.

What Effects Do Antibiotics Have on My Body?

The major problem with antibiotics, however, is that they cause a myriad of additional symptoms and side effects. While side effects vary by individual, a number of symptoms of antibiotic toxicity are common. Diarrhea, feeling sick, fungal infections in the mouth, infections of the digestive tract and/or vagina, kidney stones, abnormal blood clotting, sun sensitivity, blood disorders, and even deafness are potential effects of antibiotics.

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List of Remedies for Antibiotic Side Effects