Angular Stomatitis Treatment

What is Angular Stomatitis?

If you have ever experienced painful cracks in the corner of your mouth, you have likely experienced Angular Stomatitis. A fairly common condition, Angular Stomatitis is often called by other names including Perleche and Cheilosis. By any name, though, the condition involves the inflammation and cracking in the corners of the lips and mouth. Stomatitis is known as the inflammatory process that affects the mucous membranes of the oral cavity while the angular description refers to the corners of the mouth specifically.

No individual cause can be defined for the onset of Angular Stomatitis in individuals; however, several factors have been found as direct links to what may cause the condition. Commonly associated conditions include poor oral hygiene, nutritional protein deficiency, reactions to certain foods and drinks, consumption of toxic plants or materials, or poorly fitted dental apparatuses. In addition, some conditions that affect the overall physical health of an individual may also be linked to Angular Stomatitis. Such conditions include allergic reactions, medications, radiation or cancer therapy, and infections. While any individual can develop the condition, certain groups are more predisposed to it. Children, pregnant women, and the elderly are most susceptible to Angular Stomatitis.

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List of Remedies for Angular Stomatitis